integration of pos and erp in your retail business

Integration of POS and ERP in Your Retail Business

Software’s in the Retail Tech Industry

The retail industry is vast and consists of diverse aspects. The size and scale of retail businesses vary in their size, scale, and nature of operations. In most retail businesses, that also include smaller, local ones, there may be more than one software application in use to take care of one or more aspects of their business.

Use of multiple software’s (or applications) usually results in a hodgepodge all performing different tasks but requiring integration with each other and data sharing. In short, using multiple applications can be a mess and cumbersome experience in this modern age when retail industry needs more efficiency and ease of doing operations.

Integration of cloud based point of sale system, or POS, and ERP (enterprise resource planning) program can give your retail business a much needed boost and improvement in terms of ease of doing business. A combination of these two technological developments has been proving to be of great help to several retail businesses in every part of the world, especially food and catering businesses.

Modern-age customers want to save time in everything they do, and shopping is no exception. They do not want to wait for long in queues to wait for their turn at payment counter. Every customer seems to be in a hurry and it becomes the responsibility of businesses to meet the demands of their customers.

When ERP meets POS

From e-commerce stores to traditional, brick-and-mortar stores, today’s consumers want options in everything. Even widely used social media platform Face book has integrated buy-and-sell feature to provide more opportunities to its users as well as maintain their interest and loyalty.

It is the right time to integrate POS and ERP, and combine their functionalities and capabilities. Even in traditional local retail stores, an integrated POS/ERP system can keep them competitive by improving shopping experience of their customers and providing them a mobile presence. Consumers’ demands are changing constantly and retail businesses have to be dynamic in their approach.

Retail POS system or point of sale software helps retail businesses and customers for quick transaction completion on the spot. It doesn’t rely on a computer console; rather it can function effectively on a tab or phone.

It can calculate sales, include taxes and inventory charges, and adjust inventory. ERP/POS integration means your front-office and back-end operations can co-ordinate and function effectively together.

Good News of POS/ERP Integration

When two effective applications combine, there’s likely to be a significant improvement in the overall operations of a retail business. It means that your business combines the front-end POS, inventory, and stock management in the middle of the procedure and accounting in the back-end. This leads to a streamlined process across all departments. Given below are specific advantages of an integrated POS/ERP feature.

  • Sales staff gets immediate access to required information to effectively close the deal. Customer information and purchase history helps them to improve cross-sells and up sells.
  • Integration of POS/ERP platform provides your customers an excellent online shopping experience; the same as they get in your store.
  • Integrating your mobile Point of sale (POS) and Enterprise resource planning allows you close sales wherever you may be. No need of syncing customer information and increased overhead.
  • Your esteemed customers are likely to feel more than satisfied with more personalized service they are able to get when your sales staffs have immediate access to all the information to help build deeper customer relationships.

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