how you can keep going to the gym all year round

How you can Keep Going to the Gym All Year Round

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Summer has started, which hopefully will bring with it no shortage of splendid sunshine! It’s a time when many of us flock to the beach and draw envious glances towards those with perfectly-toned bodies lapping up the summer sun. That much sought-after physique might look divine now, but remember that it is most likely the result of substantial gym time during dark winter nights, nights when the gym was probably at its busiest. What differentiates the ripped from the rest is that the former category consists of those who include gym sessions as an integral part of their weekly routine all year round, as opposed to those who begin the year with laudable ambitions but quickly lose motivation and stop going to the gym almost as soon as they’ve started.

For those who may have given up on the gym as far back as January, the loss of motivation is likely to have stemmed from a lack of patience at not seeing quick results or a lack of desire to commit to the gym after a busy day at work. Others might find it too expensive to continue or live too far away from a conveniently-situated gym to make the commitment.

Those latter circumstances are difficult to rectify, but if it boils down to a lack of self-discipline or motivation, then try setting less ambitious goals or ask a friend to go with you. Workouts are supposed to be challenging and push you, but there should also be an element of enjoyment and satisfaction. The picturesque six-pack won’t come overnight, but if you can commit to the gym three times a week, your body will become more refined with each session and the results will be visually apparent further down the line.

Check out this infographic from My Fitness Boutique ( for tips on how you can keep going to the gym throughout the summer and beyond.


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