how to strengthen immune system?

How to Strengthen Immune System?

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Are you looking for something with which you can fight off that spreading around illness that has trapped most of your colleagues? Are you in a doubt that if your immune system is that strong that it can fight with the diseases? Not to worry any more, the path to strong immune system is not that hard. Your diet has an important role in strengthening your immune system. It is the fact, that most of us do not pay attention on what we eat and our regular diet might not contain fresh fruits, leafy vegetables and food items that make us stronger from inside. A strong immune system can only be built by a balanced of vitamins and minerals with good routine of physical exercise.

Actually, it takes more than an apple a day to keep the doctor away. You can make sure that if your plate consist servings of fruits and vegetables, including 8 to 12 glasses of water a day, then you body and immune system can run effortlessly.

Home Remedies to Boost Immunity

Following are some of the ingredients that can add flu-fighting enzymes to your winter plan.

  • Oats and barley: As the grains consist of beta-glucan, a fiber with antioxidant capabilities that is more potent than Echinacea. It boosts our immunity and helps to heal the wound quickly and can also help antibiotics to work better.
  • Required dose: Once servings of whole grains is a must in a day.
  • Garlic: It contains the active ingredients allicin that fights from bacteria and infection. If a normal being chow more than six cloves a week, he have 30 per cent lower risk of cancer and less stomach infection.
  • Required dose: Cooked and crushed garlic in your meal and two raw cloves a day can make your immune system better.
  • Yogurt: Yogurt has healthy bacteria that help to keep the gut and intestine free of disease causing germs. 7-ounce dose of yogurt daily can boost your immunity as there are probiotics or live active cultures are found in yogurt.
  • Required dose: Two servings of 6-ounce is must in a day.
  • Shellfish: Shellfish contains selenium that can be found in oysters, lobsters and crabs. There are proteins in shellfish that helps to clear flu viruses from our body. It is also rich in omega-3 fats that can decrease inflammation, protecting lungs from flu and cold.
  • Required dose: Two servings in a week are enough.
  • Green Tea: Green tea contains polyphenols that boosts our immune system and kill flu viruses. You can use a small amount of lemon and honey to minimize bitterness of green tea. It also contains antioxidants that make our immune system stronger from inside. Green tea also helps to reduce our belly fat and can give relief from digestion problems.
  • Required dose: 2-4 glasses a day
  • Chicken Soup: A bowl of chicken soup can help our bid to get rid from pathogenic viruses and bacteria. It is more effective than a glass of hot or cold water and helps you to stay hydrated.
  • Required dose: 2-3 bowl per week

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