how to prevent common cold & flu in winters?

How to Prevent Common Cold & Flu in Winters?

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As winters are fast approaching, cold and flu is on the main problem that comes with winters and combat us for enjoying the lovely weather. The basic that everyone might not be aware is that flu and cold are two different diseases. Flu is usually used to describe the symptoms of influenza virus, that is an air-borne infectious viral. The thing is that you can catch flu not only in winter but at anytime of the year whereas a runny nose, scratchy throat and non-stop sneezing are all the signs of a common cold.


Symptoms of a common flu include high fever accompanied by shivering and person feels weaker and lethargic and pains also occur in different parts of the body. Common cold symptoms are congestions and sneezing and minor fatigue.

Prevention of Cold & Flu

1. Stay warm: As shivering weakens the immune system that makes us more prone to cold. Wearing warm cloths can help you to stay warmer and hat is must have in winter as our body lose 30 per cent of heat through our head.

2. Wash your hands: While doing our daily activities, we came in contact with several germs. Washing our hands properly and drying them evenly can lower the chance of catching viruses like diarrhoea and vomiting.

3. Take proper amount of liquids: In case you have cold, then dehydration makes your mucus thicker and drier. Drinking proper amount of liquids can help to flush out the infection.

4. Have a proper sound sleep: A proper sound sleep is must for your body as your body becomes tired and your immune system needs to take rest to fight with germs and bacteria causing cold.

5. Intake of vitamins: It is said that proper amount of vitamin in our body can help in prevention from cold and flu. It is essential for our body to take daily multi-vitamins in winter as our diet sometimes does not include everything that body requires.

6. Stay hygienic: In winters it is important maintain our personal hygiene as people like to stay close to each other and you meet different people in a day. Maintaining proper personal hygiene like daily bath and wearing washed cloths can keep you away from cold and flu.

7. Avoid eating outside: Fast food is one of the basic causes of spreading disease in winter. One should completely avoid eating outside and encourage cooking at the home as it will save your money and will help you to stay healthy and free from cold.

8. Avoid touching your face again and again: It is examined that most viruses comes in our body through our mouth and nose. You should avoid touching your face again and again as most of the bacteria and germs are on hand by touching several places in a day.

9. Proper exercises: One must include any type of activity in daily regime as it makes or immune system stronger.

10. Stay happy: Even a doctor always advice us to stay happy and joyful as it is a basic motto to live a healthy life and boosts our immunity.

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