how to effectively promote your live steams

How To Effectively Promote Your Live Steams

As the internet becomes a more media-rich experience and connection speeds have been on a steady increase on both landline and mobile internet services, it has laid the foundation for video, which has become a popular medium of engaging with users.

Video offers brands, publishers and influencers the unique opportunity to interact with their audience and cross many a divide. Video continues to grow and offer new opportunities with brands looking to live streaming video as the next phase in the expansion of video use.

The only issue with a live stream is getting users to log in and engage in real-time with viewer-less live streams becoming far too common.

If you’re struggling to build an audience, think about shifting some of your time toward making sure the video reaches your people.

Here are a few ways you can maximize the reach of your stream:

1. Create a teaser video

If you’re going to catch users attention and ensure they turn in for the live stream you will need to reach out to various video platforms like YouTube where audiences who consume video would hang out.

Create a short video describing your live stream and providing all the relevant details so users can sign up for notifications or diarise when to tune in. Ensure you optimise your videos for SEO to ensure they receive the maximum reach withing YouTube search as well as Google search.

2. Tell Your Site Visitors

One of the easiest and most effective ways to promote your website visitors know you’re having a live-stream and provide the details as well as a link to your streaming landing page on your homepage.

Your website audience may also know people able to attend who would benefit from watching it online so encourage them to share the link on their social media accounts.

3. Send An Email Blast

If you have been collecting email addresses on your site now is the best time to use them. When sending out an email make sure you keep your messages useful and brief and limit the number you send. If you live stream every day, focus on particularly exciting or notable broadcasts.

Also, ensure that you consistently encourage users watching your videos and live streams to sign up to your newsletter database to increase your potential viewership over time.

4. Use Social Media To Publicize Your Event

Social media—Facebook, Twitter, etc.—is a powerful tool for publicising your live streams and not only for sharing content.

On Facebook, you can create an actual event for your live stream. You can list dates, times, and locations and ‘invite’ people to attend to increase turnout. Be sure to include a backstory of the event to help people understand why they should tune in.

When a user RSVPs that they’ll attend your event, Facebook notifies their friends of their decision, increasing the likelihood that their friends will show up as well.

On Twitter, you post relevant information including event times and links as well. By pinning an upcoming live stream to the top of your page, you can ensure that everyone who visits your Twitter account knows about the event.

Protip! If you have some money to spend you may want to put together an advertising budget and spend a few dollars promoting your posts to new audiences.

5. Bring Your Stream To Your Viewers

Sometimes the best way to build an audience is to bring the stream to them directly. Simulcasting your stream to multiple destinations lets you reach audiences where they are.

  • When you go live on Facebook or Instagram, the platform notifies the people who like your page and highlights the content in their news feeds.
  • On YouTube, your audience receives an automatic email notification.
  • While if you’re stream to Twitter via Periscope, your followers will see the video as they scroll.

Making sure you leverage all these platforms will help you get an even greater reach.

6. Google Search

While many of your viewers may find you via your efforts listed above some may turn to Google Search using various keywords. To ensure Google knows about your live streams and can redirect users you should also create a landing page on your site and embedding live stream schema which will help google aggregate searches with relevant keywords and serve a rich snippet in search result pages.

Get more views

Good marketing and promotion techniques are essential to ensuring that your broadcasts become a successful and sustainable endeavour. Once you start roping in users you can start leveraging the appeal from high-quality content to push for additional sign-ups, leads, subscribers and more.

About the author:

Che Kohler is the co-founder of nichemarket, a South African Business Directory and digital marketing agency. He is an avid blogger who specialises in writing about marketing tech and cryptocurrency.

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