how to develop self- esteem as a spiritual discipline?

How to Develop Self- Esteem as a Spiritual Discipline?

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No one can go back and start life from new beginning, but anyone can start from today and make new endings. The foremost thing is how you feel and think about yourself. Today, people miss a bit of how to love you. Now the question arises, why developing self- esteem is important: –

  • This makes your life simpler and lighter.
  • You’ll have more inner stability.
  • Less self sabotage.
  • You’ll be more attractive in a relationship.
  • You’ll be happier.

Therefore, above stated are some of the points which give a strong reason to maintain self- esteem. Now we’ll discuss the ways of developing self- esteem as a spiritual discipline.

1. Say stop to the inner critic:

It is important to handle and replace the voice of your own inner critic by raising your self esteem. The internal voice shouts destructive thoughts in your mind.

  • You are a shirker, now get to work.
  • You are not at all good at your job someday they will figure it out and throw you out of the job.
  • You are more so uglier than your friend.

You don’t have to accept this at all. There are several ways to remove this critical voice with more helpful thoughts. By changing yourself, you can change how you view yourself. One way to stop this negativity is to stop your critical thoughts right there when it goes up on your mind. You can also create your own stop- phrase or when something critic comes to your mind, shout: STOP! You can also make some phrases which can stop the rail of your thoughts and then try to refocus your thoughts on some constructive things.

2. Use some healthier motivation, habits:

To replace the inner critic and make that voice weaker, motivate yourself to take action and raise your self- esteem. It will definitely prove to be helpful to have healthy motivation habits. One of the most powerful ways of motivating yourself is to write down the deeply felt benefits you will get by following the new path. Try refocus on the things, you really want to do because when you actually work on your desires, the motivation to do that thing comes pretty automatically. When you really want to achieve something in your life, it becomes much easier to remove the inner resistance you feel. Therefore, when you feel like losing your motivation just simply ask yourself, am I doing the thing which I really want to do?

3. Take a two minute self appreciation break:

It can make a huge difference in you, if you spend just 2 minutes a day for self appreciation. Take a deep breath and make yourself calm. These mini breaks not only help you in short run period, but is also helpful to turn a negative mood around and reload you with a lot of positivity in yourself.

4. Write down three things in the evening that you can appreciate about yourself:

This is an extra powerful way of boosting up your self- esteem. You can do this in the evening or even at night, when you feel somehow free for yourself. You can make a proper record of your answers and at the end of several weeks, you can read those answers to get a good self- esteem boost which changes your perspective about yourself.

5. Do right things:

When you do what you really want to do, is the right thing to do. This will help you to raise and strengthen your self- esteem. One advice that makes it easier is to stay consistent with doing right things early in the morning. This helps to set up a tone for the whole day.

6. Replace the perfectionism:

The habit of looking perfectionism in everything can be destructive. It can demolish you from taking action because you become afraid of not living to the standards. This will ruin your self- esteem.

7. Go to good enough:

People usually stop working on the projects or tasks that can never be completed, when you aim for perfection. Hence, go for simply good enough instead of going for perfection.

8. Handle mistakes and your failures in a most positive manner:

When you go out of your comfort zone to accomplish anything that is truly meaningful and consequently fall and stumble along the way. Don’t feel like an underdog. Accept it you have lost, but don’t accept that you have failed. It’s ok to fail.

9. Be your own best friend:

Rather than beating yourself, ask yourself how would my best friend support me and help me in any situation. Talk to yourself like your any best friend or any family member would do. It helps to be more constructive and full of energy.

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