How Information Technology has become indispensable part of world?

Information technology refers to anything related to computing technology and covers the design, support and administration of computer and telecommunication systems.Information technology has become a significant part of our everyday life. There is no area of our life that has remained untouched with technology. Because of the benefits of IT, the world has become a global village and also lifted up the barriers between nations that have facilitated quick sharing of information, ideas, language and culture. Various internet devices, mobile phones, television, machineries used in the factories have revolutionized the way; people work, connect, share and disseminate information at such a rapid pace.

Information technology has also immensely used in the education field. The teachers now use projectors as their teaching tools. It has made learning very interactive and interesting and students nowadays widely using this tool of IT,i.e.internet to search study material and also get knowledge of various things, in which they have an interest.

Transportation is the area in which Information technology has provided greatest ease and convenience. In ancient times,It used to take around months for a person to travel from one city to another city.But Information Technology has made it possible to travel even worldwide within few his benefit of IT has promoted the work of businessmen. They can travel abroad to promote their businesses and also can manage the local work. This speed and pace of IT are proven to be a blessing for everyone round the globe.

Technology has made the spread of information so convenient and widespread .In the past, when conveying messages to the person who is at some other place was limited to the extent of using postal services and waiting for the replies,were so lengthy process.In present time,various devices like fax machines,smart phones,email,etc. has made the task of sharing information so easy and reliable. We just need a device or internet and within seconds we can share various important files, data to many persons at a single time.

Information technology has also helped in filling a gap in human relationships .With the busy schedules of people, they find very little time to meet face to face.So various social networking sites like Facebook,instagram, etc. have given a great opportunity to all,to interact with old friends,make new friends and also strengthen the bond of a family, when one person of family away from home can share each and everything with his family, in no time.

Technology has stepped-in,in every sphere of life .It has made the process of buying, selling, shopping, paying bills so easy and convenient that the need for going out of the home does not arise. With a click of the mouse or with the touch of a smartphone, one can get everything on the doorstep. This has not only benefitted the consumers, but also providing an attracting platform for the business houses,as going virtual saves a lot of their infrastructure cost. This cost effectiveness and craze for the people for online shopping, payment of bills etc.has drawn attention of business players to exploit this opportunity to their benefit. Many lucrative offers are being offered to consumers to make them go for instant purchasing of the stuff.

Entertainment is the key area that has been changed by Information Technology. Gone those times, when entertainment was synonymous with ‘going-out’. IT has helped making life so interesting and entertaining. All we need is an internet connection and a device, like smart phones, tab etc. and we can download any movie, any song watch live telecast of matches, videos on YouTube have all made entertainment so cheap and easily available at any point of time.

Information Technology has gifted one of the most precious gifts to mankind,i.e. development in the sector of health. It has made the detection as well as the treatment of diseases, so quick and that with utmost accuracy. In many medical equipmentand computer chips are being used. Even doctors are using this technology for recording their patient’s history and medical records electronically. Further, development in this field has the great potential to improve quality of health care, safety of the patients and saving data using IT devices can help in having effective cost controls.

Technology has always been considered to be a favorite thing for any country’s government. It has played a key role in defining the outcome of a war. So countries are spending huge amount and investing in research and development activities to leverage the benefits of later on. Governmentshave beenharnessing this technology to reach out to citizens and also for providing job opportunities to disable citizens, by providing online courses regarding the use of computers.

So, Information technology has brought unimaginable changes in the life of everyone. We are so much dependent on IT that without it,we feel handicapped and has totally changed the way,we used to live our lives.So it is a blessing for us that should be used with utmost care and for the benefit of the society as a whole,not as a tool for spreading any social evil or doing anything that can behazardous to one’s life or property.

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