home staging tips which are easy to accomplish without a designer

Home Staging Tips which are Easy to Accomplish without a Designer

Home staging is essential while living in it or selling it out, so staging home for living is also necessary, but the designer will cost you much. If you want to stage your home without the help of interior designer then you can do it by yourself. Here, are some vital tips you can follow to staging your home while living in it, and these tips are:

  • Say bye bye to Clutter: you can’t ignore the clutter and children messed it up, so manage and arrange whole things with care, install book shells on wall front wall or in the corner, it will give a nice look as well as books will not mess it up. You can buy different styled book shells from the market, and which one is suited to your interior you can pick it.
  • Turn to the Living Room: if your living room gets older and interior is not that appealing, then you can change the feel and look of your drawing room by applying these changes:
    • Change the curtains, if your curtains are light shaded then change them with dark and hot shaded with contrast. It will give a hot look to your drawing room.
    • Match cushion covers with curtains.
    • The front wall of your LED, paint it with a different color which goes to your curtains.
    • It is a common belief that to set the furniture to the walls will give a larger room feeling, but it is not right, you can reposition the furniture into cozy conversational groups, and see the difference, now you feel it makes the more space all around the furniture.
  • Scour Grimy Bathroom Walls and Floor: if your bathroom tiles turn yucky and you want to replace them, replacing is a costly idea, so, drop the replacing idea and just scour it.
    • Mix one part of scouring powder with one part warm water makes a paste and rubs this paste using cloth on the tiles, leave for 10 minutes, and then wash it away.
    • After scouring, you can paint with a high-adhesion-primer, brush the ceramic epoxy covering, it will make fraction the cost of new tiles. Now, your bathroom will turn into a bright and shiny bathroom.
  • It’s a Kitchen Time: When you are staging home for living, kitchen needs more attention because kitchen face a high traffic throughout the day and night, especially housewives spend their most of the time in the kitchen, so it should be up to date. If you feel that your kitchen tiles giving a grimy look, then apply the same formula of the bathroom, which we discussed earlier.
    • Tight and set all the cabinet screws if they loosen up.
    • Install new hardware into kitchen such as microwave shelf, blender hanger, cups and glass shelf, revolving organizer for spices, and creative utensil storage racks.
    • If your sink is older, replace it if needed, else, scour it and clean it.
  • Dining Room: dining room is a place where the entire family member sits with each other once a day.
    • Replace the table cloth with napkins, and fruit bowl. Buy some new dining accessories which match to your dining interior.
  • It’s a turn of Bedrooms: you can’t forget bedrooms when staging your home while living in it because bedrooms are the soul of any house, and we all feel relaxed in our bedrooms and it is our private place, so it needs more attention.
    • If your bedroom giving an old look, then you can turn its interior into a sexy look like you can change the wall shades according to your taste.
    • Match new curtain with wall shade. If your walls are of dark shade, then you can match them with 2 point lighter shade or vice versa.
    • If flooring is not that appealing then you buy a new carpet goes with your walls, you can choose in a contrast too.

Moreover, you can do it yourself without hiring a costly designer. So, staging home for living is must to keep the house up to date and feel freshen up.

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