having dry hair? try these tips for dry and damaged hair

Having Dry Hair? Try These Tips For Dry And Damaged Hair

Healthy hair is desired by all but getting them is still a wish of many people. Our scalp and hair are sensitive and easily get damaged if not taken care of. Moreover, some people have more sensitive hair which makes the situation worse. However, it does not mean that they can not be repaired. There are many treatments for dry and damaged hair available that you can do at home. 

Although, hair damage is quite natural. There is nothing to worry about. But, that does not mean that it can not be prevented or you do not treat them. The tips that we have shared in this blog below are not only post-damage treatments. You can use them to prevent dry hair and damage.

How To Know About Your Hair Damage? Pass This Test!

Here is a simple trick to know whether your hair is doing well or needs some extra attention. Take a strand and pull it from both ends. If it breaks easily, that means your hair is damaged, and you need to follow the below treatment for dry and damaged hair.

Or in case you pass the test, you must follow the tips to prevent hair damage.

Hair damage can be caused due to many reasons. For instance, hair smoothening, rebonding and hair colouring. If you have gone through any of these treatments, you are more prone to dry and damaged hair.

Tips To Avoid And Fix Dry Hair

1) Dress Your Hair According To Weather

Yes! Like we dress up and apply skincare products according to the weather. Our hair needs a dress up too. If you are going out in the hot summer. The sun and the hot air can make you dry tremendously. Similarly, when you go out in the cold air, your tresses get exposed. Resulting in damaged hair. 

Thus, you should apply shampoo and conditioner specially designed for dry and damaged hair so that your hair does not get damaged due to weather exposure. 

Moreover, wear a hat or cover your hair with a scarf while on a ride to protect them from dirt and dust. 

Protect From Dirt And Dust

2) Watch Out Your Moisturiser

Of course, no brand will say that their product can harm your hair. You need to become the best judge for yourself. For that matter, you should be aware of the ingredients that are good for your hair.

Many moisturisers contain petrolatum and mineral oils that sound good yet damage your hair. They prevent moisture from getting into the scalp to hydrate it. On the other hand, a moisturiser that contains glycerin, shea butter, sorbitol, and/or argan or olive oil are good for healthy hair. They keep your scalp moisturised and make your hair a smooth and shiny.

3) Mark This Important: Heating Causes Hair Damage

Many people (both men and women) frequently use hair heaters or straighteners for styling. Rather, they use it daily. Let us tell you one simple fact, you are not doing any good to your hair. Just damaging them for a better appearance. Moreover, this better appearance is temporary too.

Thus, do not use hair heaters or straighteners on a daily basis. And, whenever using such tools, apply a heat styling cream when your hair is damp. Furthermore, if you have hard hair. You should not use such products at all. Rather, work on hair healing. Visit the salon for non-chemical hair treatments and do not use any styling product on your hair until it heals properly.

Hair Heating

4) Go For Regular Trimming

Hairstylists and dermatologists recommend cutting your split ends every 6 to 8 weeks. Do you know why? Split ends prevent the growth of healthy hair and cause more damage to the ends. So you should get them cut regularly.

However, if you are one of those commits to not cutting hair, you can try alternatives such as frequently moisturising hair and taking supplements by consulting a doctor, etc.

5) Pamper Your Hair

Like any other skin area, your hair needs pampering too. You must spare time for hair care. Such as giving hair massages of coconut oil then washing them off with a shampoo and conditioner, especially for dry and damaged hair. 

Also, you should go to a hair spa on a regular basis (at least once a month). We repeat! Make sure you do not get any chemical oriented hair spa or hair treatment until your hair does not heal properly. 

Pamper Your Hair

6) Ready Your Hair For Bed

Sounds weird? Well, it is not! As we said earlier, we dress up for each occasion and moment. Similarly, hair needs a dress up too. While going to the bed, ensure you make a loose bun (tight one may cause disturbed sleep or headache in the morning) with all strands inside the bun and tie it with a smooth rubber band or scrunchy. This way the hair friction will reduce.

Also, make sure you comb your hair every night, it helps spread oil from the scalp.

The Bottom Line


While concluding it is important to mention that you are perhaps unable to prevent hair damage due to unawareness but when it is caused, you should take the required measures to improve your hair quality. Moreover, you eat healthy foods to avoid supplement intake in order to improve hair smoothness treatment for dry and damaged hair, tips to avoid and fix dry hair, how to prevent dry hair


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