Good and Bad Effects of Technology

Technology has outgrown the pace within which the people have grown on the earth. People have gained a lot from burgeoning technology which has led to improvement in their standard of living.Technology has many advantages such as unite diversity, enhance communications and bring new viewpoints.

Like the coin has two sides, the technology also has its pros and cons. So it is also responsible for various attery effects resulting from irrelevant and over use.

Good Effects

Easy information

Earlier in 20th century, People used to find information but in 21st century, Due to rapid growth of technology Information finds people. One can access any type of information using Smart phones, computers, laptops and tablets.

Better Education

As the society has been dominated by technology, it has also drastically affected the education system. Children are now being able to study from remote areas with “Distance Education” by receiving their study documents via E-mails.

Instant Communication

Communication is a very vital component of life.  With the help of technology people can communicate with each other more quickly and more efficiently.  Video conferencing, Blogging and Social media sites are popular communication Medias these days.

Benefits to work Ethics

With the use of technology on the work places and in work standards, help employers to monitor their employees in a better ways. With portable laptops and wi-fi connections one can work from anywhere and at anytime.

Bad Effects

Lack of pleasant relations

Only with face-to-face interaction people can have long lasting relations with each other. With the advancement of technology people are unable to read body languages which leads to unhealthy relations. It creates a great problem when people in the same house communicate via messages instead of speaking face-to-face.

Mental effects

Technology gives rise to more negative impacts on people’s lifestyle.  Depression is characterized by lack of people’s contact with each other. Continuously connected to internet and stuck in information that can make it difficult to turn of thinking capability which leads to poor sleeping habits. Constantly accessing internet activities leads to stress also.

Physical effects

Eyes and ears get badly affected with the constant use of mobile phones and laptops. People who use to work on laptops for the entire day develop back pains and neck pains due to bad siting posture.

Lack of privacy and confidentiality –

With The availability of cheap storage devices the organizations shifted their data to storage devices from physical formats. The data which is backed up on internet can be leaked within fraction of seconds with the help of Trojan horses, Wiretapping, Piggybacking, Phishing and Logic Bombs by the people with wicked intentions. Now-a-days people are updating their location on Google maps and uploading their pictures on social networking sites. With the development of Social media sites, people don’t have any sense of privacy.

Lack of social Boundaries

People share a lot of stuff with each other via internet and social networking sites, so there are highly chances to go beyond social boundaries. The example of where tendency to go beyond social boundary consists of Cyber Stalking or sharing some unsolicited stuff over internet.

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