how to get relief from the problem of dry eyes?

How to Get Relief from The Problem of Dry Eyes?

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One of the biggest issues facing the modern patient is the problem of dry eyes. They cause more harm than good to the people. It is a progressive disease however with regular treatment; it is possible to get some relief. Before starting with the treatment process, one should make sure that the disease is effectively diagnosed with the help of a qualified eye surgeon. Dry eyes can occur due to the inflammation of drying of the cornea. It can also happen due to a malfunctioning of the tear syndrome, or even bad habits like looking at the computer or laptop screen for hours. Burning sensation and sore eyes are problems faced by many people in both domestic and official spheres.

What Are the Methods That Can Be Adopted to Prevent Dry Eyes?

1. Artificial Tears:

• People who are involved with computer or desk job should use artificial tears. There are numerous options available in the market. You should purchase the product according to the viscosity. Low thickness of the teardrops ensures that immediate relief is provided to the eyes. They also cause no blurring of the vision however their effect persists only for a very short time.

• High viscosity transforms the tears into gels that could be used to provide lubrication for a very long time. You should consult the pharmacist about the type of medication required in this case, because they often prescribe normal eye drops which might not be suitable for your exact problem.

2. Castor Oil:

• Applying castor oil is one of the best remedies to treat the dry eye syndrome. You should put a drop or 2 into the eyes.

• The oil is derived from the suitable seeds by using the pressing procedure. Due to the presence of Ricinocelic acid, the oil acts as a natural lubricant for the eyes.

3. Coconut Oil:

• Suitable for hair, the oil is also a boon for the eyes. Numerous fatty acids present in the substances imbibe healing effects that are anti inflammatory to the eyes.

• If you are feeling dry and itchy in the eyes, using coconut oil can be the best homemade remedy.

4. Vitamins:

• Combination of vitamins and nutrients can improve the longevity and effectiveness for the eyes. Deficiency of vitamin B and D are considered to be the primary reasons of the problem.

5. Cucumber:

• The good old green cucumber is the surprise package for the users. You should cut the chilled vegetable into fine slices for application across the year.

• Presence of vitamin A imparts topical capability into the cucumber and makes it mighty effective.

6. Chamomile Tea:

• Instead of regular milk tea, you should use the Chamomile Tea. It is mighty effective for the people due to the presence of medicinal herbs.

• You should place the tea leaves in the hot water for about 10 minutes. Couple of cotton pads should be applied on the eyes to provide long term relief to the eyes, and in preventing any major irritation.

7. Fennel Seeds Tea:

• The new kid on the block called Fennel seeds tea is quite amazing and creates instant effect on the eyes. Seeds are mixed with boiling water to deliver desired results to the patients.

• Aloe Vera is one of the best tools to make the eyes wet. Due to the presence of bio active compounds, the product contains special healing attributes.

• It also comprises anti oxidants responsible for the improvement of the immune system of the patients.

There have been multiple researches going on regarding the occurrence of dry eyes, and how to reduce eye inflammation or chronic dryness. You can consult with a registered ophthalmologist for this issue, as taking medicines or drops on your own might be detrimental to your eye condition.

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