fun things to do on the weekend that can be done for free

Fun Things to Do on the Weekend that Can Be Done for Free

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I am sure you want to relax at this weekend after a long and hectic week, but still you want to spend it by doing some funny things. And you can spend your whole weekend with fun stuff to do for free at home. There are lots of fun and exciting things to do without spending money.

  • Make a Plan of Movie with Friends at Home: you can call your old friends, arrange a casual get together at home in the evening, and watch a movie to convert your drawing room into a home theater via attaching extra sound speakers.
    • Turn off all the lights, and close the curtains too, and feel as you guys are sitting in a cinema house.
    • Popup some pop corns, serve it with cold drinks, and enjoy the evening by watching your favorite film with your friends.
  • Take an Advantage of “You Tube” make-up channels Learn Make-Up Tips: being a girl you can’t ignore your make-tip, but everyone cannot be expert in makeup, so take your mobile, tab, or laptop open your “YouTube” account, and get some eye makeup tips for your evening parties. You can also learn some easy hairdo for your office routine.
  • Rearrange Your Messy Room and Wardroom: it’s not a wonder if your room is not well arranged and during the hectic office schedule you just ignored your bedroom and wardrobe, and I know it doesn’t sound fun and exciting things to do at week off. But still you can enjoy during rearrange your stuff such as makeup and dresses which will give you an aggressive startup at week on.
    • Change your bed sheets, wash curtains, and arrange you all books into book shells etc.
    • Change some settings by rearranging your furniture that will give a new look to your room.
    • Put your all shoes in the shoe rack.
  • Go for Cycling will be a Good Idea: if you have a good friend circle with racing bicycles then you can go out for cycling race. Get a halt on river side or a lake spot, shoot some pictures will be a fun.
  • Manicure and Pedicure at Home: this is a wonderful idea to give some time to your body; it will not even save your bucks but also give you an internal happiness.
    • Take warm water into a tub, mix shampoo and put your feet into the tub for next 10 minutes, on your favorite music, put cucumber slices on your eyes and feel as you in your favorite saloon.
    • After 10 minutes, rub them with a mild foot brush, clean your nails, and dry them with a towel.
    • Repeat this method for your hands too.
    • After finishing the procedure, you can apply your favorite nail enamel.
  • Try Some New Recipes at Home: if you are a food lover and cooking is your passion, then it will give you pleasure during the week off. It will be a good thing of fun and exciting things to do at home for free.
    • On your laptop, search your favorite dish recipe, play the video and watch.
    • Arrange all the ingredients from the kitchen, and try to prepare your favorite dish at home. Enjoy this dish with your family members or your friends.
  • Throw a Dance Party: If you are a free bird, and love the dance, then dance party will be a great idea. Invite your friends at your place for dance party. You can make some light snacks at home and serve them with cold drinks. Play music and enjoy the dance with your friends. It will save your money as well as make your weekend more memorable.
  • Play Challenging Games with Your Family or Friends: when you are finding some tips for fun stuff to do for free then playing challenging games at home will be a great idea. You can enjoy these games at home for free. These games are:
    • Card Games
    • Puzzles
    • Freeze
    • Paper-bag skits
    • DIY balance beam

However, you can spend your weekend in your style, but these tips will definitely save your money as well as give you happiness and relax.

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