food you should avoid for weight loss without weakness

Food You Should Avoid For Weight Loss Without Weakness

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Each person out there is either trying to maintain their weight or weight loss. Being on diet is quite common these days. Every next person is on diet but whether the diet is effective or not depends on what things you avoid and eat while on the diet. Now, the concept of a cheat meal is also there which is highly misinterpreted. Thus, most people stay in the illusion that they are on diet. By seeing such a situation, we have got a list of foods to avoid losing weight.

At the same time, there are people who literally stop eating properly with a mindset that they will lose weight without eating. Please remember, even intermittent fasting does not say to fast unrealistically. When you are dieting, focus on the nutrition you are getting from it.

High-Calorie Foods To Avoid On Diet


Pasta is mainly made of three ingredients, water, flour and eggs. Although eggs are good proteins and water does not have calories but due to the inclusion of flour (rich in carbohydrates), it become a high-calorie food that you should avoid if you are on diet.

Since it is a high-carb diet so it can increase the blood sugar levels of the person which can impact a person quite negatively.



Well, it must be a shock for you that bread should be avoided while on diet. However, multiple reasons we can give that supports the fact that bread is not a food to be eaten for weight loss. 

Bread contains gluten which does not suit many. It contains refined carbohydrates that increase the blood sugar level which is not good for health. Though it is low in fibre, the carbs content is quite high.

Coffee Creamers

Creamers contain high fructose corn syrups and transfats that should not be consumed while on a diet or willing to lose weight. Even, you should be careful while taking dairy products. Most of them are used to gaining weight despite the fact, they are rich in proteins.

You must avoid coffee creamers as increases your calories intake with quite less amount of it.

Coffee Creamers


Most of you have heard, ‘no sugar intake’ while on diet. You heard it right! You should not eat any product that contains sugar such as chocolates. It could be difficult to avoid chocolate for many people on diet. Most of you must crave it too. To satisfy your taste buds, you can have dark chocolates (in very less amounts and least frequently). 

Chocolates have sugar, cocoa butter and emulsifiers that make it a fat content that increases weight. Also, it has many negative impacts on physical and oral health.


Another high-carb food that is a big no for all the readers who want to weight  loss genuinely. Since chips have a bad reputation in the healthy food market so people are marketing them in a different manner. Moreover, they are trying different combinations to make them sound healthy. But, chips are simply chips! There is no way to make chips healthy as of now. 

Be it baked chips, rice chips, corn chips, etc. All of them are made of some common ingredients, that are:

  • Starch source
  • Fat source
  • Sodium & Additives


Fried Foods

We know that you know that fried foods are not diet foods. But, if we would have left this so you might have thought perhaps it is okay to eat fried food. And, what if you thought we forgot. 

When it comes to serving you the correct information, we never forget anything so here it is, fried foods are a complete no for you! Because, no matter in which oil you fry; if you are preparing food by frying then you are adding additional fat to it. Therefore, you should avoid it while on diet.


Of course, alcohol has its negative impacts on your health but here we are talking about weight loss. So we will only discuss its weight-related impact on the body and the reasons it is not suitable food for people on diet. 

People on diet should focus on their calorie count and should be on the calorie deficit. Alcohol has a higher calorie count which creates additional fat. Thus, you must not consume alcohol while on diet.


Fruit Juices

In the movies we see people having juices and staying fit. First of all, we suggest not getting influenced by the movies. Indeed juices are quite healthy but not the packed ones. 

Packed juices come with added sugars (no-sugar ones too) that are not good for people willing to weight loss.



These days it is difficult trusting the products that claim to be diet foods as they use the alternatives which eventually increases the sugar levels and negatively impacts general health. Moreover, do not consume the above-listed food at least in the beginning 2 months of your diet. Replace your cheat days with cheat meals, and always count your calories before eating anything. Yet, most importantly do not take the pressure of all these things, you can easily do it with diet management apps that help suggest foods to eat, high-calorie foods to avoid and track your calorie count. It is the only way to weight loss without weakness. 

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