flagpoles for sale: what’s the best choice for you?

Flagpoles for Sale: What’s The Best Choice For You?

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You’ve been consumed by love for the USA. You’ve decided it’s time to do something about it and put up a flagpole. Great! Now the question is, how should you express your patriotism? Are you looking to display the flag at your home? At your business? Is your child a scout who wants to erect a flagpole as part of a scout project? Let’s take a quick look at all the different flagpoles that might appeal to you.

In-Ground Residential Flagpoles

In-Ground Residential Flagpoles For Sale

You can find in-ground residential flagpoles for sale at countless hardware and big box stores, not to mention all over the internet. The majority of these are sectional, aluminum flagpoles that are going to range in height from 10 feet to 25 feet. Many are made in the USA, while there are also very inexpensive versions that are made in other countries. The sections are normally conveniently coupled by means of a tapered end which is going to fit into the end of the next section – a system called “swedging”.
These residential flagpoles are generally fairly light-duty. In order to prevent damage to them during severe weather, you should always take down your flag when a storm approaches.

Wall-mounted Residential Flagpoles

A very popular flagpole choice for homeowners is the wall mounted residential flagpole. These generally look great and add a wonderful patriotic touch to any home. However the range of prices and levels of quality is extremely wide. You can get a very cheaply made set that features metal components that will quickly rust and a flag that will start fading within a few weeks. Still, if you just want something for a single summer and funds are tight, this could be the way to go. These are generally available at big box stores in your town. You can also invest more and get set that will last for years. Many homeowners these days keep their flag on display year-round. For these people, it only makes sense to invest in a top-quality flag pole and American flag set. The flag will probably last about a year before it will start to look faded, but good quality hardware should hold up and look good for years.

Telescoping Flagpoles

Telescoping Flagpoles for Sale

Another popular residential flagpole is the telescoping flagpole. These poles are designed to be easily taken down and moved to safety in the event of a severe storm. Also, since they telescope up and down easily, they usually don’t have a rope and pulley system for raising and lowering the flag. Instead, the upper sections of the pole are simply lowered until the flag can be reached. Additionally, most telescoping flagpoles for sale can accommodate two flags (2.5x4ft or 3x5ft usually) which makes them very popular. They offer quite a lot of convenience compared to sectional residential or commercial flagpoles.

Commercial Flagpoles

Commercial Flagpoles for Sale

For businesses and municipalities, there is nothing that makes a more dramatic statement than a ground-set commercial flagpole. You can find these flagpoles for sale at many web-sites. The key to not getting burned is to be sure you buy from a highly rated dealer. Commercial flagpoles generally range in size from 15ft to 80ft or even higher. Specialty manufacturers can provide steel flagpole that are hundreds of feet tall. When it comes to commercial flagpoles, there a number of important considerations to take into account which are outside the scope of this article. If you are unfamiliar with how to buy commercial flagpoles, we recommend speaking to several dealers. Not only will you learn a lot about the various options available, you will get a good feel for the company you are talking to. Both of which could help you make a good decision. Remember, how you are treated on the phone is a good indicator of what kind of support you will get after purchase.

Indoor Flagpoles

Indoor Flagpoles for Sale

And lastly, we come to indoor flagpoles. These are generally intended for commercial or governmental applications. As with all other flagpoles for sale listed in this article, quality of the product can vary substantially from manufacturer to manufacturer. You can get inexpensive poles with plastic bases, thin aluminum poles, plastic eagles, and cheaply printed flags all the way up to sets with heavy metal bases, solid oak poles, metal eagles and top quality American flags on them. The most important determinant here is what kind of image you want to project. Plastic parts might not convey an image of trust and confidence. However, if no one is going to be looking closely, what does it matter? In the end the quality level you choose is really one of aesthetics as indoor flagpoles are generally not exposed to any kind of conditions that cause wear. So get what you think looks good and be prepared for it to last, pretty much forever.

In Summary
When considering the wide range of flagpoles for sale on the internet and in big box stores, you certainly have no shortage of options. In the end, what kind of application you are considering – residential vs commercial and indoor vs outdoor can help you narrow the selection down to one or two types of pole. From there it’s often a matter of what your budget will allow. But any way you go, purchasing a flagpole and flying the American flag is one of those things that will give you a sense of pride and joy that you just can get anywhere else.

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