how to find the best roofing experts for your commercial or residential roofing needs?

How to Find the Best Roofing Experts for your Commercial or Residential Roofing Needs?

Is your roof leaking from one or more places or it has survived beyond its expected lifespan? Whatever may be the case, it will need you to consider hiring an experienced and licensed roofing contractor to carry out roof repair or partial/complete roof replacement. That said, hiring just any other roofer may not yield the desired results for you. So, you need to be careful and discrete while hiring roofing expert to solve your roofing problems.

This article is composed with intention to provide readers with some useful tips about how they can hire the best roofing contractor without falling in the trap of misleading (sometimes) advertisements making tall claims. Read on to know more about it.

Check Company History: Every roofing company will send a sales representative with a warm smile and a firm handshake to create a good impression on the client. But that should not mean that you are hiring them on the basis of initial conversation that lasted only few minutes. As a responsible commercial/building owner, you should deem it necessary to perform a check on the background of the respective roofing company. How long they have been in the business? Has it been operating under the same name ever since its inception? Are they members of the Better Business Bureau, and if they are, what is the rating they have been given? Remember that you should only hire roofing company with A+ rating.

Check Their Responsiveness: Always remember that any reputed and credible roofing company is very responsive to clients’ queries. When you called their office, did your call was answered by an individual or by an answering machine? Was the person responding to your call was courteous? Was he answering all your queries satisfactorily and scheduled a time and date for roof inspection?

Obtain Multiple Bids from Multiple Roofers: These are the times when there’s a close competition between different service providers of the same industry. Take your time and contact multiple contractors to offer the same bid. See which one of them offers you the best price, warranty, quality of materials, insurance, equipment, quality of labor, etc,. This will help you make a comparison and choose the best roofer that suits your needs and requirements.

Ask for References: There’s no denying the fact that roofing is a costly affair and unless you’ve worked with a reliable roofer before, you cannot hire someone without making sure that the company in question actually does a good job as desired by you. Ask for a few references (preferably close to your location) and visit the references to see the quality of work. Ask a reference for any issues they might have had so that you can know what you can expect.

Be wary of “Unfair” Tactics: There are many roofers that seem to spring up out of nowhere after a bad weather. If you are visited by a roofer in an unmarked van, do not entertain them. If they don’t have any references or is not licensed, do not hire them. Avoid them if they pressurize you to make advance payments or makes an attempt to mislead by using the words like “the prices are only good for today” or “your roof is deteriorated to an extent that it may come down soon any time”.

Do They Guarantee Their Work: Don’t expect every roofer to guarantee their work because it is a commitment which asks to stand by their work 100%. Say NO to any roofer that fails to guarantee his work as it indicates that the work performed is not up to the mark. If a roofer does offer a guarantee, also check if they offer a date of completion of guarantee since your time is precious. It also indicated that they are convinced about the quality of their work and stand by it 100%.

Coming to conclusion, you can implement aforementioned tips while searching for a best roofer and there are very strong chances that you’ll end up hiring one!

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