which factors are to be considered before taking your car for a collision repair

Which Factors are to be Considered Before Taking your Car for a Collision Repair

Your car is your beloved possession on which you rely a great deal on day to day basis. Your car keeps you comfortable and safe in harsh weather conditions while bearing the environmental brunt upon itself. Imagine a day without a car and you think of annoying delays in traveling via public transport or shooting expenses of hiring a cab. That said, we all realize the importance of our vehicles in our lives and a damaged car as a result of an unfortunate collision can left us feeling helpless and perplexed.

However, as a responsible car owner, we are not supposed to curse our fate forever. The situation after a car accident calls for a timely action of taking/towing our car to a reputed and reliable auto body repair centre to get it as close as possible to perfect on-road condition. But how do you get to know that you are taking your accidental car to the right people or not? Read on to know about some crucial factors which you need to consider before taking your car for a collision repair.

5 Factors to Consider Before Going for a Collision Repair

Get Several Estimates: It is understood that you are in a hurry to get your car back to its original shape as soon as possible, but don’t settle for the first shop that gave you the estimate. Get at least 3-4 different estimates from popular auto body centre to make a comparison will help you in making a comparison. It’s important not to choose any auto body shop just because they are offering you the cheapest quote because you only get what you pay for. If someone is offering you the cheapest quote, there are good chances that their work is not up to the mark.

Get Word-of-Mouth Recommendations: You can talk to your trusted friends or family members and ask them that where do they take their car for accidental repairs. If they haven’t got body work done on their car, you can ask them if they’ve heard words of appreciation for a particular auto body shop. If there is one name that pops up repeatedly from your known people, it indicates that the particular auto body shop is popular for high quality spares and repair works.

Frame Straightening : Your car might be involved in a minor major collision. If it’s minor, then it is likely that your car has received scratches and dents which can be corrected in less time. On the other hand, if your car was involved in a major collision in which the structure of your vehicle was compromised, you need to get its frame re-aligned from a professional auto body shop that offers “Frame Straightening” services. Your vehicle is mounted on a Frame Alignment machine, which is designed to correct any twists, bends, and crumples and align it back to its stock factory specifications.

OEM Parts: It is inevitable after a car accident that there’ll be many spare parts which will need to be replaced because the damage is beyond repair work. Before taking your car for a collision repair, do not forget to inquire about the quality of replacement parts being used by the particular body shop. Just because they are using new parts does not mean that they are necessarily using OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts. You should prefer a body shop that requests only OEM parts because these are must to return your car to factory specifications. Using cheap aftermarket parts can compromise the safety of your vehicle as well as its passengers as neither they are precise fit and nor they are crash-tested to ensure accurate deployment of all the safety measures designed to protect the driver.

Warranty: When you send you car for a collision repair, you expect it to be covered under a quality coverage that lasts a lifetime. Choose an auto body shop that offers you Lifetime Warranty, which is valid till the time you own the vehicle. This indicates that the repair work performed on you car by manufacturer certified technicians is of highest standards using the best quality products.

Summing it up, your discretion can land your damaged car in a popular and manufacturer-certified auto body shop and it will be restored back to showroom-like condition by well-trained, competent, and certified technicians using latest technology tools and equipments and OEM spare parts.

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