how exercise and nutrition transforms your overall health

How Exercise and Nutrition Transforms your Overall Health

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These days more and more people seem to be getting affected from obesity. There is no one reason for obesity; it could be due to hereditary disease, unhealthy eating habits, lack of physical movement, excessive stress, etc,. Though there could be many reasons for gaining excessive weight, there is only one tried and tested formula to achieve your desired Weight Loss- hard work and more hard work. Remember that there’s no shortcut to achieving desired weight loss and magic pills that claim to do work wonders for your fat loss are nothing more than temporary measure with possibility of severe side -effects on your body.

This brings us to the role of an experienced and well-qualified personal trainer and exercise and nutritional plan prepared by him after assessing your current lifestyle. Merely running miles on miles or sweating it out in gym for hours won’t do the trick for you if you are not following it with a healthy and balanced diet that nourishes your body with essential nutrients while helping to get rid of extra fat. If you’re on your journey to weight loss, you must know about these benefits of combining weight loss with exercise. Read on to know more about it.

Helps To Regulate Your Weight

Regular exercise and healthy diet helps you to regulate your increasing weight and stabilizing it. Regulated weight results is lower risks of getting heart disease, some cancers, excessive fatigue and stress, and some other diseases that can make your body weak and infirm. In most cases, weight gain happens when you are intaking more calories than you burn and your diet contains excessive fat contents. A healthy and well-balanced diet ensures that your body is supplied with essential nutrition with a regulated calories intake. When combined with regular exercise, your body burns calories faster and your body begins the transformation from fat to fit.

Increased Energy Levels

Many of you must have experienced that exhaustive feeling around 2 pm on your workday. In some way, this tired feeling can be due to the foods that you eat, sedentary lifestyle, and lack of exercise. Pay attention to what you eat for lunch and how you feel couple of hours after you take lunch every day? Do you feel tired and sleepy post-lunch? If yes, you need to make some changes in your diet and experience and improved and increased energy levels. For best guidance on what food to eat, you should consult a qualified and experienced Personal Trainer, who will make an individualized diet plan based in your existing lifestyle.

Decreased Anxiety and Improved Cognitive Function

Proper food and regular exercising is also known to reduce anxiety and stress levels. This helps to counter negative thoughts, frequent mood swings, anxiety and depression that may be the result of poor food choices and sedentary lifestyle. One of the main positives to be gained from making healthy choices in food and exercising regularly is that it helps you to feel more energized, optimistic and develop a positive attitude towards life. When you feel good and healthy, it shows in your conduct and your overall attitude. You feel more confident, alert, and confident than you’ve ever been before. Healthy mind rests in healthy body, which means that nutrition and fitness are two aspects of the same coin which are inter-related to each other.

Improved Sleep

For optimal productivity and performance, it is important to have a good sleep. Many Americans tend to ignore this crucial aspect of your overall health. You should know that the lack of proper sleep may increase the risk of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Lack of sleep can hamper your productivity and negatively affect your work performance. Exercising for 30-40 minutes a day, avoiding sugary and caffeine-contained foods and drinks before sleep are equated with a sound sleep during the night.

Improved Physical Performance

The role of a good, healthy nutrition is well-known to help in improving the athletes’ performance on the court. The intake of healthy carbohydrates and lean protein helps to encourage muscle development, boost stamina, and support recovery. If your work requires you to put up strong physical performance, you cannot afford to ignore the benefits of hiring a good personal trainer and his useful guidance to enhance and improve your strength, stamina and recovery.

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