exercise bike workouts and tips for beginners

Exercise Bike Workouts and Tips for Beginners

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Weight gain is something a lot of people are battling in America and other parts of the world. It is not an easy journey to get back to your usual shape or rather to get back your healthy body but with the right workout routines and proper diet, rest assured you will eventually get there. When it comes to working out methods, one is advised to start off with smooth and warm up exercises to get your body muscles and joints used to the routines. One of the most used gym’s equipment is the exercise bike. The gym bike is stationed in one area hence does not require a lot of movements, and the activities are not too vigorous as weight lifting and so on. Therefore, if you would like to try out this equipment, here are some tips to guide you.

Cardiol intervals.

The exercise bike is easy to control the cardiac interval speed. It is always important that you warm up before you start high-speed Cardiol intervals and for beginners, the bike can help you achieve this. You can start off by cycling at a low speed so you can warm up your muscles and body joints. Also, we all know how boring it can get if you are working at a constant speed, but with a bike, you can quickly alternate the speed. Once you get used to cycling or you feel you are comfortable to go to the next level of hard workouts, increase your speed and with no time you will start to shed off weight.

Strength training.

One way of getting that sexy body is by building as many muscles as possible, and one benefit of a stationed bike is that it promotes the building of the body muscles. The bike involves the legs, thighs, core and sometimes the hand’s muscles when cycling and this in return helps you to build up muscles. Also, remember the bike allows you to cycle in different intervals depending on the level of resistance you wish to create especially if you are ready for the intense workout. So, the higher the intervals, the more strength you will require from all the listed body parts which in return results to the excellent toning of the parts. So if you want to tone your body using the exercise bike, increase the resistance and the speed intervals.

Create fun.

Working out is boring and doing the same thing repeatedly is even more boring. Well, if you are a beginner consider using the exercise bike to make your workout fun and enjoyable too. I understand the bike requires you to work out from the same position but to make it fun and thrilling, set the bike in different intervals whereby you start at a slow pace and as you proceed the bike automatically creates different speed ranges for you to cycle at. You can invite a friend or tag your workout buddy and create a match for you to compete and you will be shocked at how much weight you will lose at the end of the session.

Burn fats.

The stationed bike is an excellent fat burner. How do you burn fat? The different intervals that you set work great in burning fats since it requires you to employ force and strength and the high movement gives the same results as when you are running. To make the bike more useful, consider alternating the speed such that if you feel the resistance is too high, you can reduce to a warm-up pace for your body to rest and once you gain back your strength follow the procedure of increasing the speeds. Another excellent tip that can help you burn more calories is by setting up the time for each different interval. For example, you can set about 15 minutes for warm up, 30 seconds for a rest period and 20 to 25 minutes for high intervals. Always ensure that you also get enough time to catch a breath.

I always recommend the gym beginners to get a trainer to assist them in getting the necessary knowledge on how to use various equipment in the gym. If you would like to start using the exercise bike, consider involving a trainer to guide you through the first days. A coach can show you how to set the speeds, how to adjust the seat and how to position your back while cycling to avoid hurting or getting an injury. Remember the more time you get to exercise the higher and better results you will get.

Take your time.

I understand you are all excited and anxious to get your dream body but keep in mind that your body also requires rest. Therefore, to make your workout routine more effective and fun, consider taking a day or two off to relax and do other activities such as walking. For walking also need to wear best walking shoes. Avoid overworking your body as you may end up getting injuries.


Exercise bike is an essential workout equipment that has been in existence for a long time and is known to give the best results. The bike is flexible and convenient for beginners since they can quickly change the speed and rate intervals. Therefore, employ the above tips to guide you on how to work out and achieve the best results with this excellent exercise device.

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