the evolution of video game storage

The Evolution of Video Game Storage

Data Storage Technology has come a long way since the advent of modern machinery. From the time of the invention of computers and video games, limitation of data storage has always been a glitch. There was always a demand for the increase in storage capacity which has been met with the advancement of technology. But the need for more data storage space never comes to seize and as a result, we see the increase of Video Game Storage from few bytes in the past decades going leaps and bounds to gigabytes.

With the passage of time and progressing technology, we see these storage devices have become more hi-tech, efficient and bank vast data. Video Game Storage started with cartridges, then progressed to the Discs and at this day and age we have compact and sophisticated internal memory in the Next-Gen consoles.

Here is an Infographic by Storage Centres citing the journey of the evolution of Video Game Storage through simple cartridges with limitations of storage space and locale towards the global reach of the gamer from any location across the world, all thanks to Servers.

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