Elegant and Beautiful Techniques of Nail Art

There are different types of nail art techniques, which you can use to make your nails attractive by creating unique designs on your nails. You can use these techniques individually or combinations of different techniques, that make your nail unique, creative and attractive. Some of the techniques are very easy to learn and apply but some of them require more practice and little more hard work to get a great looks to your nails. Some useful and creative techniques of nail art are mentioned below.


It allows you to get the detailed image of the selected stamp by using the technique of stamping on your nails. There are thousands of designer stamps that are available in the market of your choice like zebra stripes, leopard spots and tiger stripes, fruits, polka dot, swirls and logos etc.

Stamping is a very easy technique for nail art but it also requires some important technical points to be learned before getting master in it. Some important points should be taken into consideration while stamping like selection of the stamp, how to paint the stamp, what is the angle of the stamp while applying and how to press the stamp.


This method is done by the help of different types of sponges.  This method allows you to blend two or more colours slowly and easily together with the help of sponges. It is basically used to make galaxy of colours and gradients on nails.

First you can apply a colour of choice on your nail then select another colour to apply a gradient or a galaxy on it after that you can also apply stamping on it for giving a unique look. You can also use taping method and apply sponge technique on uncovered nail.


Dotting nail art method requires a specially designed nail art tool or nail art stick. With the help of this tool you can apply design of your choice manually on your nail by dipping that tool in nail paint. You can apply some common designs like dots, stripes, lines, rows, flowers etc. You can also add Sponge and stamping technique combination to give your nail art a unique look.


This method allows you to add designs on the tape by punching the shape of your choice on tape. Then you can paint your nail with the base colour, when it dries apply the punched tape on it. Then you will apply the secondary colour of choice on punched area and after that you can remove the tape and you will see a shape that you have punched is there in different colour.  With this method you can create laser, half moon, zigzags, lines, hearts etc.


This method gives a different embossed and high profile look with the help of very small beads. You can use this technique in different ways, you can apply base colour paint and after that sprinkle beads of your colour choice on it and let them dry. You can also apply Tapping technique to get beads in accurate shape and design.

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