effective steps for building a successful ecommerce shopify business

Effective Steps For Building a Successful Ecommerce Shopify Business

Based on a concrete example, this article will show you the different stages of building a business, and more specifically, an e-commerce Shopify store that became profitable in less than two months. From the perception of the market to the first sale through the logo and the creation of the Shopify eCommerce store, you will then be able to know the process of creation of your online Shopify store. You will be presented with tools to assert your choices and be able to establish a strategy. Also, download Shopify themes to make your Shopify store more attractive.

Once the first sale has been made, however, you will need to know how to confirm and make other sales. We will, therefore, offer you in this article the last part, bringing you advice on building loyalty and driving your sales.


To set up your e-commerce, different steps are important in the creation and development process. These different steps correspond to those implemented by the solution in the basic article presenting how to create a profitable business in 6 weeks.


The perfect market is not only the trendy one that can generate many sales. It must be uncompetitive and be based on products of relatively high value with an equally long lifespan. The product must also be easily accessible at a lower cost. In the original article presenting a concrete case, the company went directly through drop shipping, causing little cost and outsourcing storage issues.

The search for a niche or niche market is therefore important for your activity, to make a name for yourself but also for your future prospects. In order to validate the market that you are targeting, allowing you a less competitive, more affordable niche, and facilitating the identification of your brand image, different steps must be followed.

  • Check that searches exist for this product or service
  • Check that interest increases on search engines
  • Analyze the competition and the selling price
  • Calculate the desired sale price


If customer reviews are growth drivers and delivery costs and deadlines are the main elements of cart abandonment, these criteria must be present and decisive when choosing your suppliers.

One of the main elements is, therefore, to manage delivery times. You must, therefore, find a supplier who can offer fast shipments and well located geographically. You must also secure your actions, especially for imports by verifying the passage through customs as well as security and credibility for your customers with CE certification. You can establish in the first list by finding addresses on sites like Alibaba before you can make a last choice based on these different criteria.


To be able to identify your target, you can query social networks. This will allow you to get an idea of the age, the category, the centres of interest, but also the motivations of purchases. With a Google Forms survey, for example, you can also, by comparing your different searches, identify the use that your target will make of your product.


With the identification of your target, their purchasing motivations but also the use they will make of your product or service, you will be able to create an image allowing them to identify with the product. You will then have to add the results of your searches as well as the current modes for the category of people selected. It is by combining the two that you can be more impactful and attractive to your target.

The following steps are all related to the image you want to convey. This is why your identity must be clear and precise. This step is the basis of your communication and the perception of the product or service that you will offer by your target. Once these values have been established, you need to find a name that conveys this image.


The name that you will give to your project, whether it is a simple product, a range, or a shop must, therefore, communicate your values while being simple and clear. It must, therefore, contain different criteria:

  • Simple to remember
  • To pronounce in a simple and universal way
  • Have a domain available
  • Be usable on different social networks

Once the list has been completed, you will have to make your choice. If you find it difficult to decide, you can start thinking about the logo or a slogan allowing you to confirm your selection. If you decide to start with a logo with simple writing, this may help you during your election.


The logo, just like your name, must represent your values but can also give a clue to the type of service or product you offer. Depending on its quality, you can increase awareness and credibility. It is also the first stone of your graphic charter. Depending on the colours, the font, or the forms used, this will have a direct impact on the message you want to convey but also on the visual that you can use for your site but also your advertising campaigns.


For this, different solutions are available to you, but Shopify Store is the best, You can download lots of Shopify themes to suit your templates. However, you must pay particular attention to different points:

  • Responsive design due to the heavy use of mobile
  • Optimize your SEO
  • Use quality visuals

Again different articles are available to help you on these elements. Photos are important to be able to inspire your prospects to complete the act of purchase. However, your target will never see the photos of your products if you cannot be found on the internet. Your SEO is, therefore, also very important. The quality of your photos but also of your referencing will also influence your credibility and your notoriety.


In addition to this quality referencing, you must also be available on social networks. The term “available” is important. It is not enough to post publications and tweets from time to time, responding to your target, interacting with them and gaining proximity will allow you to understand their expectations and needs.

However, you must target the networks on which you want to appear. Depending on the product or service you offer, different social networks will suit you. It is useless, and it is a waste of time to try to appear on each channel. You can also use Adwords campaigns to easily and precisely target your audience.

Once the site is online and communication has been made, depending on whether or not the sales have been orchestrated, you can make changes. If on the contrary, everything goes well, you will then have to animate your community on your social networks but also know how to innovate, stay in contact with your customers and prospects, believe in your project and continue to grow …


You made your first sales, and the visits to your site were imported during the launch. However, since this first victory, traffic has been gradually decreasing. However, we must not question everything. You sold items, and it is that these products interest your target. Different solutions are available to you to boost your sales.

In particular, you can appoint brand ambassador clients. Customers with strong communities, present and influencing different social networks and with whom your target is likely to identify.

A disgruntled customer will let seven people know while a happy customer will only talk to 3. You, therefore, need to find a way to make these reviews more visible. If 88% of customers inquire before making an online purchase is also explained by a quest for security for a purchase made remotely. Negative comments are not always a handicap for your activity. You must accept remarks and criticisms to improve your offer and improve yourself. You need to know how to take the time and accept negative feedback to understand the expectations of your potential customers better.

You must also be close to your target both from a collective and personal point of view. Special support for each person when browsing your site and exchanging on your social networks will allow you to gain notoriety. You can, however, automate certain tasks to save time. Proposing contests according to the periods and the different events of the year linked or not to your activity will allow you to increase in the esteem of your customers and prospects.

You must also innovate so as not to let the competition understand your strategy or even allow new entrants to take market share from you. For this, you can monitor the various tools and adapt them to your activity.


If today opportunities are present for the sector of activity which you like, you must, however, go quickly. Innovations are at the heart of our time and doors open at all times. The interest in buying online increases every year and this sector has more than doubled in 5 years. Even consumers in stores make a first visit to the internet before going to the store.

You also have the possibility of orienting yourself towards a foreign market. It is with this in mind that 6 out of 10 e-commerce sells abroad.

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