don’t trust labels, know when exactly your makeup expires

Don’t Trust Labels, Know When Exactly Your Makeup Expires

Makeup is one of the critical things a woman wears. If you ask any woman, she will tell you how important makeup is to her. Moreover, it comes with a huge cost as no one would put her skin at risk for some pennies. When choosing the right brand, women consider many things but she perhaps does not know the right time to dispose of the makeup products. We, as consumers, rely on expiration dates. However, there is a possibility that your makeup lasts longer than the expiration date or even it can expire before the given date. Here in this blog, we will tell you the truth about makeup expiry dates and when is the right time to throw out expired makeup products.

Sounds interesting? We are sure you are happily wondering if you can use your expensive lipstick more than the expected date or planning to not throw out the perfect matte foundation you love the most. Well, this could be a situation if you meet the requirements.

Usually, makeup products last 2-3 years but that completely depends on how much you care about them! Yet, a few products may expire in 2-3 months such as eye makeup.  Well, let’s see what is the expiration period of each category product when cared for properly.

Makeup Expiration Chart


Product Expiration Time*
Lip Gloss  12-18 months
Lipstick 18-24months
Foundation & Concealer 12-18 months
Mascara 3-6 months
Cream Products 12-18 months
Powder Products 12-18 months
Liquid Eyeliner 3-6 months

It is the general makeup expiration chart. Product durability completely depends on their ingredient composition, usage, storage, and care. These are the makeup basics ingredient details that you must know. 

Now you must be thinking that if these products last so long, then why do companies suggest shorter expiration dates? Let us explain the same.

Know When Makeup Expires

Truth About The Expiry Date


Usually, product expiration dates are of lesser time than their actual expiration. Since the product’s durability depends on its usage, there is a possibility that even after the expiration date, you may not face any health challenges. But, the effectiveness of the product may be reduced. 

At the same time, this decision is quite commercial. There is a simple logic behind it. If they have a longer expiration period, their sales will be less in comparison. To regulate the usual sales, many companies print the expiration of the product before it expires.

Thus, when the expiration date comes close, check for the following things.

Things To Check When Expiration Dates Comes Closer


Expired makeup becomes dry. You will start feeling it is going. Powders may look packed down and hard to use. Colour pigment will no longer look as vibrant as they supposed to. Lipsticks may not last long on the lips as before. And, the creams may start smelling, changing colour, or getting dry. Also, check if its texture has changed on the skin. If so, immediately throw it as it may hamper and reduce your skin glow.  

Other than this, if any sort of change you experience near, after or even before the expiration date that means the life of your makeup product has come to an end.

However, there are many ways you can protect your expensive makeup and extend their life a little longer than expected.

When Makeup Expires

1. How To Make Your Makeup Durable?

The best way is to take care of your products. Rather, it is the only way you can make them durable. Here, ‘care’ refers to all the factors one should consider to ensure their makeup products last long. Even more, than they are written on the label. 

2. Store In Dry & Dark Place

Makeup products stay fine in the dark and dry place. If kept in the open, they could be contaminated. Thus, you should keep them away from moisture and light. Do not place them in direct contact with the sun. The best way is to store them in a makeup box in a cooler place.

Store In Dark Place

3. Use Oil-based Products

Usually, there are two forms of products. One is oil-based. And, another one is, water-based. You must use the oil ones as water ones are more at risk of getting contaminated by bacteria. Thus, if you have water-based products, you should be more careful with them.

4. Do Not Share Your Makeup

It may sound rude! Sharing makeup too often may degrade its quality as everyone’s skin is not the same. Even if you notice in the salon, they always check the effectiveness of the makeup in skin areas to check whether it will suit the skin type or not. If you are not that level expert in makeup and skin knowledge. You should not share your product. At least not too often.

Don't Share Your Makeup

The Bottom Line


In the end, we just want to conclude by suggesting to take care of your expensive makeup and makeup expiration date. It is okay to wait for a while but do not use any product that you feel is tampered with or expired. It might react to your skin devastatingly. Thus, be attentive while using makeup and do not rely on the expiry date as the products can expire even before the expiration period. For more information on fashion and beauty tips. Keep visiting our website.

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