do you experience daytime sleepiness? tips to avoid it

Do You Experience Daytime Sleepiness? Tips To Avoid It

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Most of us feel sleepy in the morning, but the causes must be different for all of us. Some are not sleeping on time, some of us are taking too much caffeine, and a few of us are partying and chilling in the night so, they feel sleepy in the morning. Almost 20% of the population suffers from the symptoms or disease of ‘hypersomnia,’ which means excessive daytime sleepiness. Although it is common yet not good for health. It is essential to get out of this health issue as the right amount of sleep is everybody’s need. To let your body function properly, one should understand the significance of adequate sleep in life. For that matter, we have come up with tips to avoid daytime sleepiness.

How To Get Rid Of Sleepiness In The Morning


The root cause behind daytime sleepiness is inadequate sleep only. The first thing that you need is to maintain a sleep routine of 7-8 hours daily. Ideally, adults should sleep for 6-8 hours every night so they wake up fresh another morning. However, most of us aren’t following, and the rest are thinking it is unattainable as they are not used to sleeping for 7-8 hours. 

Therefore, the goal is to take adequate sleep at night. Let’s discuss how to achieve this goal to avoid daytime sleepiness.

1. Make A Rule – No Distractions Are Allowed On The Bed

Use your bed only to sleep, do not use it multiply. When you go to the bed, your mind should be able to get the sign that this is the place where you can relax and help you feel sleepy. Getting your distractions on the bed makes it complicated for the mind to understand, that here it has to feel sleepy and relaxed. It affects your night sleep, then you feel drowsy the whole day. 

No Distractions On The Bed

2. Fix A Persistent Wake-Up Time

Fixing a wake-up time helps you fall asleep at the right time the next night, eventually forming your sleep cycle which is vital for a healthy body. 

According to dailymail news, under a report, it is mentioned that sleep routine is essential to lead a healthy life, and people with constant sleep routine are healthier and more successful.

So if you think extra hours of work at night can bring in more money, so there could be a possibility that it may cost you more in the long run.

3. Gradually Jump In To Sleep Early

Do not try sleeping an hour or two earlier than your usual bedtime on the first attempt. Reduce 15 minutes every night until you start sleeping at the correct time. Our body is sensitive, it can not tackle instant changes so, it is better you slowly alter your sleeping time.

Gradually Jump In To Sleep Early

4. Consistent Mealtimes Are Important Too

Sometimes you must have realised that you feel refreshed after eating. It is not a random feeling, there is a reason behind it. 

So as regular bedtime, fixed mealtimes are essential too. Consistent mealtimes help regulate circadian rhythms. If you will miss your meals or grab them at irregular times, you may suffer due to insufficient energy levels. It can lead to fatigue and daytime sleepiness.

5. Exercise Daily

Exercise has multiple sleep benefits to offer. One should work out at least for 30 minutes a day to stay fresh all day and get a peaceful sleep at night. Also, you should exercise in the morning as the 30 minutes of exposure to sunlight provides enough vitamin D to get a calm and pleasant sleep. 

Exercise Daily

6. Avoid Day Naps

Many people suggest quick naps are good for health, keep you healthy and fresh but, what about the sleep you were about to have in the night and you took in the afternoon itself. How will you feel sleepy at night? That is why if you are suffering from daytime sleepiness, you should avoid taking naps.

7. Look For Habits That Make You Fall Asleep

Most of the people feel drowsy after a hot bath in the night, the same way some people practise meditation or a few listen to music to feel relaxed and sleepy., 

Check what makes you feel sleepy at night, and try to follow it every night before bedtime as a strict ritual. 

Look For Habits That Make You Fall Asleep

8. Avoid Foods That Affect Your Sleep

Unfortunately or fortunately, your sleep depends on the diet you take. If you are taking high carbs at night, you may experience disrupted sleep. Whereas, if you switch to low carbs or protein diet, you may have a more soothing and calm sleep. Hence, check what foods to avoid for a better sleep routine. 

9. Avoid Hard Drinks At Night

There is a misconception that alcohol helps fall asleep. In reality, consumption of alcohol makes you feel dizzy and let your mind relax for a time being which we assume sleepiness. On the contrary, you will have disturbed and unpleasant sleep that may hamper your daily routines and affect your entire sleep cycle.

Avoid Hard Drinks At Night



Daytime sleepiness is not a matter of a couple of days. You will have to change your sleep cycle, adopt a healthy diet, avoid alcohol and reduce daytime naps; then only you will be able to experience a relaxed bedtime and fresh mornings without sleep in your eyes. It is a time-consuming process where you will have to be really patient and consistently try for a better sleep routine and less morning sleepiness. 

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