Development in the Field of Mobile Technology

Mobile is something which has changed its physical as well as internal appearance from the year of 1990 to 2015 and will be changing it further. It is a medium for us to connect globally and with developments; it is becoming a medium of connecting globally easily, fastly and is also becoming a matter of entertainment and business. In the years of 90’s, mobile was only for connecting people by calling, then in late 90’s and starting of 21st century, the mobile technology developed to messaging. In mid of 2000-2008, mobile advanced to the source of entertainment by playing of videos, mp3 songs and introducing of camera technology. The technology is advancing day by day to make it effortless for us and to get the world on our finger tips. Latest development in mobile technology was initiated with the entry of touch screen phones and smart phones in the market in mid of 2000-2010. They turned the whole market by diminishing the use of cellular and keypad phones. Now the focus of mobile phone companies was on the advancement of these touch screen phones and to make their market in this category of phones. The advancement and research work in mobile technology can be seen in the field of wireless connectivity, entertainment, calling, messaging, multi-tasking etc. Latest developments in mobile technologies are:

  • Video calling over Internet Protocol: This is the advancement in connecting to people through video calling using internet network instead of calling or messaging on mobile network. This feature has weakened the business of mobile networking companies but is a good feature over which you can show your expressions and can perform actions while talking to him/her on the other end. The only limitation of this technology is that the other person you want to connect to should also have this feature as this feature is not available with every mobile phone.
  • 4G networking: This is one of the Latest developments in mobile technologies which have taken the speed of networking to another level. This feature will never check your patience and with this technology everything will be on your fingertips. This is the advancement of 2G network followed by 3G network.
  • Fingerprint sensor: This technology has secured your mobile phone to the extent from where one will think twice or thrice that will it be worth to steal a mobile phone. If one steals your mobile phone, he needs the finger prints of the person who has entered his finger prints and it is well known that no two finger prints are similar in this world. The feature is presently coming in expensive mobile phones but soon it will be available in the cheaper phones also.

The development in mobile technology is something you can see every month or even every day. There is no end of development in mobile technology and this is something which is increasing one’s comfort and luxury.

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