decorate your rented house with these easy & affordable items

Decorate Your Rented House With These Easy & Affordable Items

Renting an apartment is quite common these days.  As people migrate from their hometowns to other cities in the search of better career opportunities and lifestyles. Though they get the competitive opportunities yet struggle with the boring or less maintained rented homes. To deal with this problem, we have got cheap decorating tricks for renters to make their rented homes feel like their owned homes. (Do not worry, your landlord will not disallow you to do these changes).

Home Decor Ideas On A Budget


Many ways are available to decorate rented homes in cheaper yet attractive ways. We are sure, after incorporating these changes, even your landlord will be unable to recognise its own house (you may get appreciation too). 

1) Creative Name Plate

No matter if you do not own the house, you still pay some amount to stay in that home. You can put a creative nameplate. It gives a sense of ownership and beautifies your home entrance. 

Moreover, it is often believed that the nameplate reflects the residents’ creative abilities and style sensibilities. Do not let this chance go off. 

Creative Name Plate

2) Plants, Inside And Out

Plants are not only good for the environment, they are the evergreens for home decoration. Whether it is a single shade or a patterned wall, plants can give a refreshing look to both of them.

You can add big plant pots at the entrance or balcony/backyard. Also, you can decorate your kitchen and bathroom with small pot interior plants

Just make sure that interior plants ask for more maintenance so they won’t attract flies in the house.

3) DIY Photo Frame

Everyone misses their families in their hometown, why not decorate the memories with them in the living room on a bulletin board? 

All you need is a standing bulletin board and random pictures with/of your dear ones. Do not need to cut the pictures properly, you can pin randomly cut images to give it a more funky yet attractive look.

If you are a bachelor who stays with your friends, you can also pin your bachelor life memories with your flatmates. 

4) Add Room Dividers

You are too fortunate if this could work at your place. :p

Utilise your spacious rooms with the room dividers and use a single room for multiple purposes.

You can use such dividers in many creative ways. Just add your imagination to give it an effective and attractive purpose.

Add Room Dividers

5) Replace Boring Curtains

White are good, but not always. Remove boring curtains and let the soothing colours come in to brighten your rooms and mood. Buy single shade curtains like sky blue, yellow, beige, etc.

Also, place the curtain rod as high as possible to give an illusion of height to your rooms.

You can try thin cloth curtains too, they will look amazing at the time of sunrise. You can experience the rising of the sun through the linings of your window curtains. 

6) Glass Bottles For Natural Lights

As we all know that glass bottles can reflect the light inside directly. Placing different colours and sizes of glass bottles on the window will let the light come in different shades and sizes.

It can give a luxurious look to your home without spending more than the bottles you can get from the scrap store too. 

Also, you can use such glass bottles as plant pots and put them near windows to experience natural lighting.

Glass Bottles For Natural Lights

7) Peel-Off Tiles

Ah! We can understand how it feels to have boring or broken tiles in the bathroom or kitchen. But of course, nobody will like to spend money on rented house’s tiles. Do not worry, you won’t have to tolerate those irritating tiles, you can opt for a cost-effective alternative – the peel-off tiles. 

These tiles are easy to stick and remove with less to no damage. Moreover, you can try different tiles every time until you get the best ones for your bathroom and kitchen.

8) Removable Wallpapers

Many times we do not take the house because of the shabby wall paints like blue, pink, green etc. If everything’s fine and you feel uncomfortable because of the wall paints, do not let the house go.

For the walls, we have a solution. Buy cheap yet amazing wallpapers and say goodbye to those poor walls. These wallpapers are easy to fix and remove. Therefore, you can take them along to your next house, whenever you may shift. 

Removable Wallpapers

9) Use Contact Papers

Contact papers were primarily made to cover the kitchen shelves and bathroom basins to prevent stubborn dirt spots. However, they can be used as wallpapers too. 

They are safer than wallpapers as they do not damage the walls at all. You can stick them anywhere in your home. Moreover, they are cheaper than wallpapers.

The Bottom Line


People usually feel like not investing money in the rented house, however, if you plan to stay there at least for a year, you can invest a small amount of money. There are so many cheap home decor items available in the market to decorate your house feel like home. These ‘home decor ideas on a budget’ items will not hurt your pocket and give your house life.


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