contribution of technology in good governance

Contribution of Technology in Good Governance

Good governance is the process of adopting and following rules. Governance is not about taking decisions only, but about implementing the possible procedure for making decisions and following rules. Good decision making process have the same feature with good governance.

Governance comprised with the structure of making decisions and rules, then collective action in society matching with rules. It is a system for channelizing collective actions.

Role of Information Technology in Good Governance

The information technology has changed the way people behave, communicate and perform their duties. The government now uses Information technology to offer its services to citizens at their door steps. The applications used by government to deliver services, i.e. cooperative union, state and central government departments. Only with the help of technology valuable and improved services are possible. Various E-governance projects have adopted various technologies in order to provide improved services, cover larger areas, minimize the cost and enhance transparency, some of these projects are:

  • Selection of people-centric services.
  • Adoption of cost-effective mechanisms to enable small/private entrepreneurs use the services more profitably and enable them to create new opportunities for growth.
  • Taking steps to improve efficiency of technologies and making them reliable among people and gain their confidence on the functioning of services.
  • Offering private organizations to participate in central service agency for taking maximum advantage of their technologies in order to bring expertise , diminish the cycle time and offer better services to citizens.

Advancement in technologies provides many benefits to governance. Public administration has become more efficient with the enhanced performance of various technologies like fiber optics, microelectronics and high density storage devices. The communication networks and updated networks brought improvements in two way communication.The Good governance is also cultivated by increased profitability from several innovations in technologies like satellite advancements, telephonic cellular, radio paging and wide area networking.

Information Technology facilitates Good governance in these ways:

  • By enhancing transparency and accountability.
  • By implementing proper decision making and person’s contribution.
  • By efficient delivery of services and goods to citizens.

People’s right to access pubic documents is provided under the country’s constitutional framework. So the government has provided this right in its computerization program and all the public documents are available on the internet.

The Government now publishes its policies, plans, programs and achievements on its websites. Transparency in governance is obtained when people will be informed about their rights and privileges. Citizens can send their issues and problems to government via government websites. The rules and regulations are posted on web for taking people’s consultation and opinions are directly expressed on internet by stakeholders.

The cost of administrative process gets reduced as the documents and other frameworks become digitalized. With the introduction of computers and the internet it becomes very easy to perform regulated functions, setting standards, Updating policies and other development activities.

Today, there are many in-house applications which are being used by government. The various agencies provide technical assistance in order to develop good governance. Websites also provide the latest information about countries financial and non-financial positions  and making public up-to-date.

Government agencies use more advanced technology in otrder to deliver smooth services. It facilitates more secured information to the concerned public keeping in mind the security parameters.

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