cloud services compared

Cloud Services Compared

You’ve probably heard all about cloud computing and you might be wondering if it’s worth sampling. The short answer is yes; with most of us working with files that are larger in capacity than ever before, and computer hard drive space generally limited, cloud storage is a fantastic concept. Your big decision should not be whether to try out cloud, but rather which cloud solutions to try out.

This infographic from ERS IT Solutions aims to help you with that decision by comparing six leading cloud storage solutions on criteria such as maximum file size, cost of paid plans and ease of use. Cloud newbies will benefit from using a solution like Dropbox, which is very simple to set up and navigate, has a reasonably generous capacity and can be used on almost any operating system. The more advanced cloud user could prefer an advanced solution such as iCloud Drive, which can be very tricky for beginners to navigate but has a slick interface that, once mastered, is a dream to use.

Before signing up to a cloud solution and paying a subscription for a service that you won’t enjoy or is not suitable for you, read through the infographic below and see which solution is the best fit for your cloud computing intentions.

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