Apps to find Lost and Stolen Phone

With the growing complexities of life, Smart Phones have become the integral part of life. These days it becomes very difficult to perform routine activities, i.e. communication, data transfer, socializing or entertainment without the use of smart phones or tablets. In the event of mobile being lost and stolen it can lead to financial loss, … Continue reading

Advanced Technology for Delivering Better Education

Technology has revolutionized each and every aspect of life, whether it is our routine matters like communication and behavior of people in the society or it is education and learning process in education institutions. The level of education has been taken up with the advancement of technology. It made the students more strong and smart. … Continue reading

how information technology has become indispensable part of world?

How Information Technology has become indispensable part of world?

Information technology refers to anything related to computing technology and covers the design, support and administration of computer and telecommunication systems.Information technology has become a significant part of our everyday life. There is no area of our life that has remained untouched with technology. Because of the benefits of IT, the world has become a … Continue reading

Contribution of Technology in Good Governance

Good governance is the process of adopting and following rules. Governance is not about taking decisions only, but about implementing the possible procedure for making decisions and following rules. Good decision making process have the same feature with good governance. Governance comprised with the structure of making decisions and rules, then collective action in society … Continue reading

Mobile Apps to Calculate Tax and Track Income Tax Refund

Approximately 53% population pays income tax. People should have basic knowledge of tax laws. It is the foremost thing that individual of every country should know whether he is liable to pay tax. In case individual is liable, then he should know how much to pay. So there are a number of apps which provide … Continue reading

best fitness apps for a healthy body

Best Fitness Apps for a Healthy Body

Health conscious people do a lot to stay fit. Now-a-days, it becomes very expensive to work out in gyms and other fitness centers. Some people prefer medical treatments to look fit. So it amounts to wastage of funds. Now there are so many apps available which helps you to monitor your fitness. We have worked … Continue reading

development in the field of mobile technology

Development in the Field of Mobile Technology

Mobile is something which has changed its physical as well as internal appearance from the year of 1990 to 2015 and will be changing it further. It is a medium for us to connect globally and with developments; it is becoming a medium of connecting globally easily, fastly and is also becoming a matter of … Continue reading

good and bad effects of technology

Good and Bad Effects of Technology

Technology has outgrown the pace within which the people have grown on the earth. People have gained a lot from burgeoning technology which has led to improvement in their standard of living.Technology has many advantages such as unite diversity, enhance communications and bring new viewpoints. Like the coin has two sides, the technology also has … Continue reading

can we imagine this world without technology?

Can we Imagine this World without Technology?

We are living in an information age, where technology has enlightened our minds and enriched our lives. Technology is growing at an exponential rate. Where ever,we look,all around us,we can see the presence of technology. One way or the other,technology influences our present life and future plans also.Earlier the use of IT was limited to … Continue reading

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