Makeup Basics – Easy Tips that every woman should know

If you ever try to do something new, you always prefer to start with its basic as knowing the basic well will surely help you in attaining mastery over that particular task. All the skills require some basic knowledge whether it’s dance, music, cooking or driving. The same logic applies to makeup. As every women … Continue reading

Accessories adding Glamour to a basic look

Accessories embrace the overall get up of a person. It is similar to adding glitter to the gold. The accessories add refinement to your elegant look. The decision is to choose the right accessory with the particular apparel. These jewels act as parcels of your dressing. These help you adorn your unique essence and ensure … Continue reading

eye shadows can add grace to your eyes

Eye Shadows can add Grace to your Eyes

Whether you plan to go for the New Year party or for prom night, or any wedding, makeup is very essential when you really plan to shine in the party. The most expressive and beautiful part of your body, i.e. your eyes should look the best. So when you talk about makeup, eye shadow is … Continue reading

elegant and beautiful techniques of  nail art

Elegant and Beautiful Techniques of Nail Art

There are different types of nail art techniques, which you can use to make your nails attractive by creating unique designs on your nails. You can use these techniques individually or combinations of different techniques, that make your nail unique, creative and attractive. Some of the techniques are very easy to learn and apply but … Continue reading

women footwears in winters

Women Footwears IN Winters

Sometimes it is very difficult to judge that what kind of footwear to wear during the winter season, especially when you are living in the areas that have snowy and icy winter climate. If you want footwear’s that will protect your feet from icy winter and give them warm environment, also having good grip on … Continue reading

stylish bags add grace to your wardrobe during the winter season

Stylish bags add grace to your wardrobe during the winter season

Your wardrobe is simply incomplete without a beautiful and stylish bag. The craze of stylish bags among women is increasing day by day. Every woman wants to have a bag which match their dress and enhance their looks. When fall announces cooler weather, it is time to stow away the beach bag and straw clutch … Continue reading

trendy nail art designs for the beginners

Trendy Nail Art designs for the Beginners

Women since ancient time have been known to decorate themselves with different ornaments and accessories. They are always interested in looking good from tip to toe and for that they can’t leave anything undone. Polishing your nails with beautiful and trendy colours really add grace to your nails. Nail art is an older concept but … Continue reading

what shoes to wear in harsh and cold winters to look as trendy as ever?

What Shoes To Wear In Harsh And Cold Winters To Look As Trendy As Ever?

You always want to look attractive irrespective of the season. You can wear any type of clothes and shoes during summers but you have to be bit careful regarding your style during winters. You can look stylish and fashionable in winters also but it needs a bit effort on your part. If the temperature at … Continue reading

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