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8 Home Made Remedies to Get Rid of Nasty Hangover!

A hangover is the after- effects of drinking too much alcohol. It can be both physiological and psychological which are generally experienced in the morning after a night of heavy drinking. The side effects of overindulging will differ from person to person. But there are some common symptoms which include increased heartbeat, apprehension, body pain, … Continue reading

Home Remedies to Fix Abdominal Pain and Stomach Cramps

If you are suffering with stomach cramps or abdominal pain, then these home remedies will be best treatment for you to calm your angry stomach. These are tricky therapies to cure the pain. Unless, you are not aware of the actual reason behind the cramp, till then, these home remedies could be applied. These remedies … Continue reading

Natural & Easy Remedies to Cure Diabetes at Home

As per the report of WHO or World Health organization that nine percent of adult people are struggling with diabetes. Usually, people don’t have awareness regarding its earlier symptoms and ignore them as a normal sickness which causes make them diabetic. Diabetes occurs due to the failure of insulin secretion from the pancreas and the body … Continue reading

Soothing Home Remedies for Bee Sting Pain Relief

In some cases, bee sting can be caused to death, if a person is allergic to the venom or toxin. If you or any one from your family is allergic to the venom and gets stung by the bee, you need to remove the stinger immediately, and run to get the help of the doctor … Continue reading

How to Heal Gum Disease with Home Remedies

Gum disease or gingivitis often due to the persistent bad breath, swollen gums, receding gums, loose teeth and bleeding gums. Its advance stage is known as Periodontitis and Pyorrhea. If it is not treated in its early stage then it will lead to a serious gum disease problem. We will collect some information on how … Continue reading

How to Get Rid of Skin Tags Naturally- Vital Tips

Skin tags are non cancerous, soft and small flaps of collagen that appears on various parts of the body like neck, eyelids, groin folds, breasts or underarms. Although, they are small in size, but not give you any pain or medical problem. In medical terms skin tags are known as achrochordon. However, no one likes … Continue reading

Natural Home Remedies to Control Dandruff

Dandruff is a scalp condition which is called seborrhea dermatitis. It is a common skin disorder which can be caused by dry skin, oily skin, and occurrence of fungus, bacteria and dead skin cells. Dandruff is developed in moist environment, thus it thrives in monsoons due to sweating and humidity in abundance. But in winters … Continue reading

Natural Remedies to Remove Facial Hair

Facial hair is a problem faced by many people, but it is a curse for women. Some women have excessive facial hair as compared to other. Excess hair growth is often attributed to excessive production of androgen in the body. Other reasons for excessive facial hair could be hormonal imbalance, some medicines or it could … Continue reading

Easy and Natural Ways to Get Rid of Headache

Headache is pain in any part of the head. Headaches are quite common these days especially among adults due the increased level of stress, lack of sleep or dietary habits. Many people prefer taking painkillers to treat headaches and others might prefer going the natural way. Some of the natural and inexpensive ways to treat … Continue reading

How to Prevent Common Cold & Flu in Winters?

As winters are fast approaching, cold and flu is on the main problem that comes with winters and combat us for enjoying the lovely weather. The basic that everyone might not be aware is that flu and cold are two different diseases. Flu is usually used to describe the symptoms of influenza virus, that is … Continue reading

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