Is Rust Really Harmful to One’s Health?

Metals, like steel pipes in the Philippines, are a part of our daily lives. Cars, gadgets, appliances and infrastructures—all of them are made of metal. When there is metal, rust is almost always inevitable. Metal that is exposed to the elements will likely have rust and flaking parts, bringing you the risk of rust ingestion … Continue reading

Little Secret Tricks to Lose Your Weight

If you have decided to get back in your past body shape and wanted to shed your extra pounds by boosting your normal routine. Whether, you have taken this challenge as part of a new year’s resolution or to do something new to make your life more exciting and fun loving. All of us know … Continue reading

Signs & Symptoms of Diabetes you Shouldn’t Ignore

The World Health Organization or WHO released report on diabetes in 2014 that 9% people of 18 years and older are suffering from diabetes. Diabetes is a serious chronic disease which occurs due to the failure production of insulin by the pancreas or when the body unable to use much insulin hormone it produces. The … Continue reading

Easy Everyday Routine for Getting Internally Strong

Basic Steps to a Healthy Life A healthy and strong body can be obtained by changing your lifestyle and usually by doing some sacrifices by making your willpower stronger and it is sure that the end result will be worth your efforts. You immune system does an outstanding job to defend your body against multiple … Continue reading

Everyday Healthy Meal Plans To Prevent Diseases

In present time, overweight and obesity is affecting 70% of adults in US and there are only few who are following a proper diet and are leading a healthy life. Poor diet is one of the major causes for chronic diseases like heart diseases, diabetes, hyperlipidemia and stroke. Lifestyle is a major factor for healthy … Continue reading

How Daily Exercise Can Improve your Health?

Benefits of Doing Regular Exercise Exercise not only helps you to stay fit but also keeps you happier and boosts your mood. Some sort of daily physical exercise can even helps you to love longer. There are multiple health benefits of physical exercise that are just impossible to ignore. Following are some of the benefits … Continue reading

What a Diet of a Common Man Should Include?

Eating the right amount of food to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight. Eating a wide variety of foods in the right proportions this is what balanced means. Eating well plays an important part in maintaining good health. There some important food items that should be included in the diet of a common man … Continue reading

What are the Most Nutritious Foods?

Some of the most nutritious foods recommended by the nutritionists are: Avocados Regardless of their fat, avocados can lower our cholesterol. Researchers find that replacing just five percent of our calories from saturated fat with monounsaturated fat the kind in avocados could chop the risk of heart attack. Avocados are also high in beta-sit sterol, a … Continue reading

Simple Health Tips That Can Help You Stay Fit

Staying fit does not mean you have to go gym regularly or do exercise on a routine basis. You can also remain healthy and fit by following some most important things in your daily life, these are: Eat Well – As we all know around 80% of any fitness goal depends on your diet, be … Continue reading

Importance Of Water in Supporting Your Overall Health

It is a scientific fact that a human body weight consist 60% water. A human body uses water in all its organs and cells for proper functioning of the body. It is very essential to keep our body hydrated as our body loses water through digestion, sweating and breathing. Water is the most essential elements … Continue reading

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