Best food for Vitamin D

Taking a healthy diet and exercising regularly is the key to live a healthy life and keep our body safe and healthy. Vitamin D is really important for our body because it plays an important role in make the bones of the body strong. Vitamin D helps in absorbing calcium into the bones. Mostly sunlight … Continue reading

The Lakeland Larder

Every region has a speciality signature dish or products made with local produce which is exclusive to the county. Lake District is no exception. It’s a larder of impeccable traditional produce and products made using traditional methods with recipes passed over generations in small batches to ensure quality and immaculate flavour. Cumbria lake district not … Continue reading

Superfoods for Spoonies

When you live with a chronic illness, you’ll gratefully cling to anything that can provide relief against the symptoms that curtail your quality of life day in, day out. Prescribed medications are the most obvious example, although there’s an effective, more natural remedy in the form of ‘superfoods’ which contain pain-relieving qualities. If you are … Continue reading

Advantages of Eating Avocados

The Yummy benefits of eating this fruit Buying medicine for diabetes is quite expensive, requiring consistent purchase and usage. Life is certainly hard for people diagnosed with any type of diabetes, so for those without diabetes, do your best to avoid acquiring it by engaging in physical activities and healthy eating habits. It just takes … Continue reading

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