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Having Dry Hair? Try These Tips For Dry And Damaged Hair

Healthy hair is desired by all but getting them is still a wish of many people. Our scalp and hair are sensitive and easily get damaged if not taken care of. Moreover, some people have more sensitive hair which makes the situation worse. However, it does not mean that they can not be repaired. There … Continue reading

10 Fragrance Hacks Which Can Make Your Perfume Last Longer

Who doesn’t like being odorous all day? Smelling like your favourite fragrance is everyone’s wish, but that lasts till lunchtime. Obviously, we can not go to the washroom every hour to spray perfume, but we want to smell great all day. Nah…! it’s not about the perfume brand. It is about its storage and maintenance. … Continue reading

14 Creative Ideas To Reuse Bridal Lehenga That Suits All Occasions

Let’s keep all the emotions aside; who doesn’t want to have the most beautiful wedding lehenga, but it costs so much just for a single day, it seems a little less worth it if it can not be reused. To let you wear the desired wedding lehenga and not feel bad because of its cost. … Continue reading

How To Look Stunning Even In Video Conferences?

How many of you always do a video call, even if you’re just casually calling to check on someone? Ah! We all do it… :p Video Conferences has become the second most common telecommunication that everyone is using tremendously. It has become too popular to be used for virtual conferencing too. However, just in case … Continue reading

Going On A Trip? Do Not Forget These Skincare Travel Essentials

Hang on! What is it? The dull skin while returning from the trip, why so? Ahhh…. You forgot your skincare travel essentials. Well, your travel plans should not come between you and your skincare routine. Do you always go on the trip without your skincare essentials or just forget it unintentionally all the time? Well … Continue reading

Want A Hair Colour? Read These 10 Tips To Avoid Damage

It is trending to have a new hair look with new hair colour. People are opting for various colours, even the multiple hair colours are so much in fashion too. Undoubtedly, it looks amazing. However, everything comes with a cost. We are not talking about the monetary value, instead, the damage that comes along with … Continue reading

Fashion Tips You Can Not Miss To Look Taller

We are not here to make you feel body-shamed. We know you are petite. On the other hand, we know that sometimes Petites do feel like having some extra inches. We are here to satisfy that urge to look taller. Unfortunately, we can not increase your height since it is genetic and doesn’t have any … Continue reading

6 Exercises To Get That Perfectly Chiselled Jawline

There could be many reasons to have an undefined jawline. No matter if you are an old or mid-age individual or a teenager, both of you must be looking for exercises to get the desired jawline. Fortunately, we have some jawline exercises in hand that may help to get a perfectly chiseled jawline. Exercises To … Continue reading

Jewellery Safety Tips To Prevent Damage And Loss

How many of you get emotional seeing jewellery lost or damaged? Jewellery stays near to our hearts. It feels really bad when we see them damaged or vanished. It feels like the guilt of not taking care of it properly. If you have already lost your favourite ring or the necklace you wore last night … Continue reading

11 Habits To Adopt To Strengthen Your Weak Nails Naturally

Girls always desire to have strong, shiny, and long nails. They strive A LOT to get that perfect nails but miss the minute things. It’s not always about applying daily care products. One must know, what is the root cause that is hindering their healing process? Of course, we know no one purposely weakens their … Continue reading

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