what you can do to stop indoor pet accidents

What You Can Do to Stop Indoor Pet Accidents

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There are millions of pet lovers across the world who keeps them because of their love for them. When we talk of loyal and committed pets, we can’t help but think of dogs who’ve proved to be a man’s best friend for ages. Yes, people do keep other animals and birds also as their pets but no other creature comes close to dogs when it comes to expecting loyalty, alertness, and unconditional love from them. Anyone who has a dog as a pet knows very well about pet ”accidents” inside the house which include pee, vomit, or faeces.

A good quality pet stain remover is must for pet owners who have to face the situation of pet accidents occasionally. Many dog owners find their dogs peeing inside the house very surprising because their dogs are well-trained and usually go to the bathroom outside using a dog odor. You should take preventive steps to stop your dog from peeing inside. Read on to know what you can and should do if you’re facing such a situation with your pet.

Visit The Veterinarian

If a previously house-trained adult dog starts having accidents in the home, the first thing you should do is to visit a licensed veterinarian for a checkup. There may be a medical reason behind indoor accidents and your dog may be having some complications that is making him pee inside. Only a vet can determine what exactly is the problem with your dog after taking all required tests. If your pet is declared healthy by your vet, you can begin working on other solutions.

Punishing is not a Viable Solution

Unfortunately, many dog owners think that they need to punish their dog to stop him from peeing inside, which is not a viable solution. Your dog will learn that his owners are unsafe and unpredictable. This can result in more indoor accidents as your dog may feel afraid to go potty infront of you even outside. Instead of beating your dog with a stick or rubbing his name in the mess, act responsibly and manage her environment and train better behaviour. Punishing is never a wise option and if you get too harsh with your dog, you could end up in jail or paying hefty fine.

Accidents and Anxiety

Pet accidents inside can also be due to anxiety or other behavioural changes in your dog. Dogs with separation anxiety can also cause indoor accidents. You can visit a licensed veterinarian behaviourist to address this issue and make your dog emotionally stable.

Your dog can also be anxious about conditions outside. Your dog may have noise-phobia which can make him feel insecure and anxious when there are loud noises outside like that of thunderstorm, construction, crackers, etc. This can make him feel unsafe outside, so he may hunker down indoors and refuse to go out if loud noises are audible.

Use natural Pet Stain Remover

Your dog may be peeing or pottying inside because he can smell past accidents, which act like trigger and lead him to the same spot where he did it before. You might have removed pet stain then, but your dog can still smell its odor. It is important to use a natural pet stain remover that not only removed pet stains but also eliminates foul odor completely so that your dog is not able to get sniff of it.

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