branded lanyards: a multi-purpose and convenient tool

Branded Lanyards: A Multi-purpose and Convenient Tool

Usage of Branded lanyards can be seen in variety of work places today, but most people are not aware of exact meaning of this word. Most people prefer to call it ‘Strap’ as it is easily understood and pronounced. Lanyard basically is strap being worn around neck, wrist, shoulder, to carry items such as keys, tools or ID cards. There are variety of branded lanyards available in the market today to chose out from.

5 Amazing Facts About Lanyards

Here we will go through five relevant facts about lanyards, which will help you in understanding its basic concept, uses and variety of lanyards available in market:

1. Origin: Lanyards were first used by French Army way back in 15 th century. They primarily used it for attaching pistol, whistle or sword. ‘Lanyard’ is derived from French word ‘laniere’ which essentially meant ‘lash’ or ‘strap’. Lanyards helped French Army in securing their small utility tools while keeping it attached to their uniforms.

2. User-friendly: One main advantage of lanyards is their user friendliness. Even a school going kid can use it easily. You just have to wear it around your neck or wrist or tie it with your uniform. There are no tangling issues with them. It functions like a cap/hat, which you can put on and take off anytime, as per your need. Its convenience makes it hugely popular in variety of work places today.


3. Affordable Cost: Given the cost at which you can get Branded or Personalised Lanyards from the market, it must be said that it is double beneficial to customer in terms of use and cost. It is as cheap as pair of shoe laces and prevents your much costlier item to fall off. Better still, you can buy these in bulk and avail more discount. You can find any type of lanyards in market which suits your budget. Lanyards offer lot more than what they cost in terms of multi-functionality and durability.

4. Acts as Identity tool: Lanyards have become hugely popular across variety of sectors today because these act as an identity tool of employees, workers, students, representatives, etc. Use of lanyards makes job of security staff relatively easier as they are able to easily identify employees and students. Various organizations use them because they are visible and makes identification of their workers very easy, especially if vibrant colors have been used in lanyards. These are commonly used in seminars, events, conferences and conventions.


5. Promotional/Publicity tool: Lanyards also serve the purpose of promotion and publicity of any organization in cost-effective manner. Custom-made lanyards carry company’s name and logo on it to make it visible to customer. Lanyards promote your company in much less cost as compared to other sources of advertising and also creates goodwill of your company. There are variety of custom lanyards available to suit needs of an individual/organization. You can chose from tubular, polyester, woven, elastic, bead, cord lanyards which suit your budget and requirements.

It is amazing how a simple thing such as Branded lanyards can make a big impact in our lives. It makes you believe in old proverb of ‘Good Things come in Small Packages’. These are used by any age-group or gender at almost every work place now a days. They have indeed come a long way in all these years. Their popularity can be attributed to their convenience, durability, multi-functionality, low costs, customization, safety, promotional, etc. If you still are not using lanyards, chances are you are either ignorant, or simply do not want to make use of varied benefits they offer.

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