blood donation – you don’t have to be doctor to save lives

Blood Donation – You Don’t Have to be Doctor to Save Lives

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Unsure about whether you should give blood? Before making your decision, why not check out this informative infographic from Study Medicine Europe which looks at some of the most widespread myths about blood donation.

Many people are put off donating blood because they do not fully understand the process. For example, many potential blood donors are deterred because they think that the procedure is painful and time-consuming. However, blood donation is a painless procedure and you will feel no more than the initial prick of the needle. What’s more, the procedure only represents a small time commitment lasting a maximum of one hour.

Another common myth is that donating blood is unhealthy. However, giving blood is a completely safe procedure with zero possibility of contracting an infection. Furthermore, your body will generate new blood straight away so your donation does not mean that your health will suffer.

It is hugely important for healthy people to make regular blood donations to ensure a constant availability of fresh blood. Blood donation is a safe, painless and quick procedure and it offers a way to make a real difference by giving someone else the most precious gift of all – the gift of life.

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