amazing hospitals known for their architecture

Amazing Hospitals Known for their Architecture

Like many structures in the Philippines, deformed bars are needed to build hospitals, and these bars will hold together a building that will house people and equipment dedicated to making the lives of people better. However, even though hospitals don’t give a cheery feel when you think about them, it doesn’t mean they can’t be architectural marvels.

Some hospitals give off that gloomy atmosphere and architects all around the world are trying to change that. They’re trying to make hospitals look more welcoming and bright. That may not reverse the dreadful reputation hospitals have, but it may ease a family’s worries and will make them feel that the hospitals and the people in it care for their sick loved ones and their comfort and surroundings.


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Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Children

83 W. Miller St., Orlando, Florida, 32806, United States
At first, this hospital might look like it’s supposed to be a hotel. The towers are made of striking dark glass. The design was created by Jonathan Bailey Associates, and they’ve argued that they designed and arranged the buildings this way so that it’s easier and more efficient to move patients and staff, and for staff to get to their resources easier. The hospital as its name implies, is for women and children.


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Richard Desmond Children’s Eye Center

Moorfields Eye Hospital, 3 Peerless Street, London
This building is definitely eye-catching. Designed by an architectural firm called Penoyre and Prasad, it was built in 2007 to center on pediatric eye care with the purpose of being a child friendly and welcoming feel to the environment. The outside of the building is decorated with aluminum panels that reflect a changing light theme, and the inside is filled with decoration that is engaging to children, such as colorful furniture and walls and play areas.

CHA Women and Children’s Hospital

351 Ya Top-Dong, Bun Dang Gu, Seongnam, Korea
This hospital is shiny and modern, and even comes with a spa. The hospital, which was finished in 2006, is four stories high with a roof garden. It also was awarded the National Healthcare Design Award from the American Institute of Architects.


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Clemenceau Medical Center

Clemenceau St, Beirut, Lebanon

Clemenceau Medical Center, which was opened in 2006, is a hospital with many awards and honors. Some of the awards it has received is the Best Sustainable Hospital Design Award and Best Healing Environment, and has been featured as one of the 25 Most Beautiful Hospitals in the World by HealthExecNews.Com. The hospital holds many advanced and modern medical instruments and equipment.


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Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital

50 Flemington Rd, Parkville VIC 3052, Australia
As said earlier, many people think of hospitals as a place that is gloomy even with the white halls and fluorescent lights, but this children’s hospital in Australia tries to be as fun as it can be. The hospital houses an aquarium, colorful sculptures, and views of the park nearby.

Hospitals can be architectural beauties, too. They don’t all have to be boxes of beds with busy doctors and nurses. They are now trying to be more welcoming and bright, and that’s for the best.

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