advanced technology for delivering better education

Advanced Technology for Delivering Better Education

Technology has revolutionized each and every aspect of life, whether it is our routine matters like communication and behavior of people in the society or it is education and learning process in education institutions. The level of education has been taken up with the advancement of technology. It made the students more strong and smart.

Earlier, Education institutions resist adopting technology in education because of its negative impacts. But with the passage of time and advancement in technology, they realized the quality of education with its help and transform the Education system into advanced education technology. If education and technology are used together, it will help people to achieve great heights of success.

Technology has improved education system in many ways.

Smart Classes: These days traditional classes like have the physical presence of teachers replaced by smart classes. Now students don’t have to rush another countries, states or cities to learn from best teachers who are not available in their cities. The classrooms are all over the world and Teachers teaching through video-conferencing and take their queries online through software’s or through visual means.

Online tuitions: Apart from education at schools, colleges and universities, Students can learn and understand their curriculum from online tuitions siting on a chair in their home.Online tutors give students various assignments and then evaluate their learning capabilities on the basis of these assignments. They get to know what concepts are not understood by students, then they discus more examples of that concept.

Mobile Applications: There are a lot of most famous academic apps available which helps students to understand their concept. Students can access many types of notes clearly describes the concepts which are being uploaded by experts in the same field, using their mobile phones and tablets. Students also get connected to the expert networks from which they can seek assistance to solve their problems. Mobile applications also help Teachers to maintain a student’s record like their attendance, their achievements, and grades obtained by them.

Social Media sites: All Social media sites are not same. Not everyone is comfortable to share something important regarding education system on some social media sites. So there are some educational sites where students can meet up and discuss their topics. Students get chance to keep them updated on daily events. Some sites are made at school, colleges and university level and some are made at the district level.

Online Education Portfolios:These days online portfolios are used over paper based student assessments. For their students, teachers can choose from a huge number of online portfolios in the context of their format and type. These portfolios help teachers to evaluate the growth of students. It allows students to show their capabilities to learn difficult concepts.

Electronic Books: Some educational institutions have switched to digital books and some electronic book sellers come forward to launch it. It becomes very easy and handy to hold these types of stuff. E-Books have helped a lot for innovating education.

Technology improves student’s learning capabilities: Research evidenced that learning outcomes have been improved with the help of technological advancement in education. When advanced technology like online Media have been incorporated, students get new benefits and opportunities to achieve success.

Use of laptops and tablets for education: Modern lifestyle has become faster and complicated, so students tend to adopt more comfortable technologies in their education.  No doubt, the cost of purchasing and maintaining a laptop is much higher than a purchasing a textbook. So in the digital world, availability of notes and syllabus on CD’s has slashed a lot of cost. Use of tablets also diminishes the need of paper books. Thus, with this step more importance has been given to environment preservation.

Before introducing a technology, School and classrooms should have strict guidelines. This will enable everyone to be in a safe place and students will use these technologies for good. In this world of Cybercrime, students should be taught about online behavior and the consequences of not following the online ethics. The Social networking in schools, colleges and universities should have a line that if you wouldn’t perform in class, you shouldn’t perform it online.

Twitter and Facebook provides Communication Media which makes free communication possible between teachers and students and mobile apps empowers teachers to grade their students. Institutions should make systems, thereby they can track the useable technologies for students and teach and keeping obsolete aside.

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