9 tips to help children enjoy virtual or online learning

9 Tips To Help Children Enjoy Virtual Or Online Learning

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When Covid-19 Pandemic hit the world, there was a major concern about how kids would continue their studies while sitting at home. Thanks to educational authorities, teachers, and technology. They managed to create or arrange platforms for better learning. Though they have done a brilliant job, children are still struggling with online learning, as it’s new for them, and they miss the personal attention and school environment at home. 

To evade this situation, we are here with the tips for effective virtual learning that parents can adopt to give a school-like environment at home.

How To Make Virtual Learning Fun For Children?


These tips can help your children enjoy virtual learning and make their studies more effective. 

1) Identify The Barriers

Everyone will have different assumptions regarding virtual learning and its adaptability. Whereas each child is different; so are their concerns. Here you will need to observe your kid, understand what problems the kid is facing and act accordingly to make virtual learning entertaining for them.

2) Interaction Is Important

Due to a lack of interaction with their friends, sometimes children may not realise when online learning becomes boring. Be their friends, talk to them and pay attention to their education and make studies interesting for them. 

Interaction Is Important

3) Connect With The Teacher Regularly

Talk to the teachers regularly. Being parents, you know your kid much better than anyone else. Regular interaction with teachers will help them understand your kid’s mindset and their life, habits, behaviour, etc. that will develop a student-teacher bond and, your kid may focus more in the class.

4) Make Sure Your Child Has The Required Resources

We as adults get frustrated if we do not have the required resources to work, so as kids. If they do not have the necessary study material and resources, they may feel discouraged and less interested in studies and consider virtual learning a headache. As parents, keep a check on what all they need and try to grab the necessary things. 

Make Sure Child Has The Resources

5) Do Not Make Asynchronous Learning A Habit

Sometimes you get an interesting video or study material that may help your kid grab the lesson quickly, i.e. asynchronous lessons. However, watching videos or podcasts to learn lessons could be boring as well as difficult for kids if they are doing it in their personal space where they do not have a teacher or a mentor who can explain to them what exactly the video is all about. 

Therefore while teaching your kid at home, you should keep a decent balance between what are the teaching ways you are adopting? And how frequently are you using asynchronous lessons?

6) Spend Time With Them In Preparations

Kids sometimes feel upset as they miss their annual celebrations and school activities. Though they can not perform in their school auditoriums, schools are trying to introduce interesting activities by which kids can showcase their talents and enjoy. 

Spend Time With Them In Preparations

As parents, try to spend maximum time with your kid while they are preparing for such activities so they do not feel lonely and miss their friends much. 

7) Online Trips

Children struggling with online learning miss their school time fun. It’s been hard for them to adapt to this new normal. Significantly, they miss their annual trips as it was the only time when they could have fun with their friends and make memories without worrying about studies. 

Talk to other parents, arrange a virtual trip for all of them. Ask kids to pack their bags, switch on the laptop, wear their 3D glasses, and enjoy the incredible tour to Italy while sitting in the US. It’s economical too. 

To add more fun, pack their lunch to give a complete picnic feel.

8) Give Importance To Their Playtime

Respect your child’s playtime. Do not expect them to study all day only because they are learning online. Also, we understand that virtual learning has increased their screen time but do not scold them if they are using phones for entertainment. 

Give Importance To Their Playtime

9) Give Them ‘eye breaks’

It becomes difficult to keep looking at the screen for long hours. Train your kids with eye exercises. Rather, do it with them to ensure they are exercising. 

There are some quick exercises for good eye health you can try:

  • Near and Far Focus exercise:  

Step 1: Focus on your thumb for 10-15seconds from about a 10inch distance

Step 2: Look at an object 10-15feet aways, focus on it for 10-15 seconds 

Step 3: Again focus on your thumb

Do it at least 5 times at once.

  • Rollover your eyes for 5 seconds
  • Palm your eyes once every 30 minutes
  • Blink your eyes frequently, yes it is an exercise!
  • Rule 20-20-20 (See an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds after every 20 minutes) if watching the screen closely.



These are the tips that work generally with all kids. If you still feel your child is not comfortable with virtual learning, try to arrange a personal tutor or talk to the teacher if she can suggest something better as every kid is different. Do not forget to follow our blog for more tips & family related articles. 

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