9 things you should avoid when on a road trip

9 Things You Should Avoid When On A Road Trip

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Road trips are amazing and must-haves at least once in a year with your close ones or buddies. Although, driving a car to the destination is way more convenient than opting for public transports. It is essential to take all precautions and beware of the things to avoid on a road trip.

Avoid These Mistakes On Your Next Road Trip


Although on-the-spot plans are always the best ones, a safe, sound and entertaining road trip needs a bit of pre-planning. Let’s discuss the mistakes to avoid on a road trip.

1) Remember – Downloading The Road Trip Apps Are The Part Of Packing

Well, road trips do not deserve buffering. The song must go on, the GPS signal should not lose, and watching your favourite movie should not feel like a task. To attain this, you must do your phone packing properly.

Road Trip Apps

2) Leaving For A Road Trip Without Car Service Could Be Hectic

So as you, your car needs a touch-up before a long drive. You should take your car to the service station and get its full-fledged service done to avoid uncertain car breakdowns or major faults.

3) Do Not Forget To Buy A Car Mount

It is tough to ask directions from your trip mates all the time, and holding the phone in hand to locate the area should not be something to adopt. Buying a car mount is the best option if you are not good with routes and maps.

4) Not Keeping Your Car Clean

It will be challenging to look for things in the car if you do not keep it clean. Bring a car bag to put wipes, sanitiser, tissues, and cleaning cloth in one place so that you do not go mad when you see your car at the end of the day. Additionally, if you have a car bag so trip mates will also take the car cleanliness seriously.

Keep Your Car Clean

5) Depending On Road-Side Restaurants Only Is A Big Mistake

No doubt exploring new places and their food is part of trips but, what if you feel hungry and there are no restaurants expected for long miles. Your packed snacks are the only saviour in the situation. Also, it is better to bring some healthy and light snacks to avoid hunger and keep you caffeinated.

6) Do Not Forget Car Repairing Kit At Any Cost

You never know when tyre punctures would plan to accompany you on your trip. If you want to get rid of this chaos as soon as possible, keep the tyre repairing kit ready with you before leaving for the trip.

7) Don’t – Drive! Drive! And Drive!

It is the biggest mistake people usually make on road trips. Trips are intended for a break. You should feel relaxed, not exhausted. Take quick stops every 2 hours, have a cup of tea/coffee, go for a walk, stretch your body and then drive again.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Almost 100,000 car accidents take place due to a tired driver. Out of which 1550 people died, 71,000 got injured, and worth $12.5billion properties got damaged.

Also, taking significant rest one day before the trip can be beneficial. You shall sleep for almost 8-10hours so that you do not feel drowsy while driving.

Take Rest

8) Planning Is Essential, No Matter What

Road trips are known for their one more advantage, on-the-spot change in plans. You may plan to go to Rapid Valley in the U.S, and then you may think of exploring Belle Fourche as well. 

You must be mentally, physically and financially fit, and your work schedules should be flexible enough to make sudden changes to avoid rushing the entire trip.

9) Do Not Be A single Driver

If you are going on long routes, make sure you have a company to share driving as it becomes quite hectic to drive long paths alone.

Keeping feet on the dashboard could be dangerous. Most people keep their feet on the dashboard to feel comfortable. This comfort can be life-threatening too. In the case of a crash, the airbag deploys at the speed of 220 miles per hour with a force of 880pounds on the front seat. The force and speed are enough to break your chest bones and give you multiple fractures.

If your comfort could be compromised for the sake of safety. Please do not keep your feet on the dashboard.

Now you know what mistakes to avoid on a road trip. There are some distractions to evade while driving.

Top 10 driver Distractions


We do not want to spoil your mood, but of course, prevention is better than cure. FYI the leading contributor to road accidents is the driver’s distraction while driving. In 2018, in the U.S. around 2,800 people died, and 4,00,000 people got injured in a car crash due to a distracted driver. Thus, it is imperative to understand what kinds of distractions can lead to road accidents.

  • Accident gawking
  • Driving and texting
  • Using GPS without car mount
  • Chatting with passengers
  • Dealing with passengers (kids or pets)
  • Adjusting radio stations or air controls
  • Eating while driving
  • Daydreaming
  • Grooming and driving
  • Smoking/Drinking

This blog can be considered as a road trip guide for your next tour. Do not forget to subscribe to our blog to get more suggestions and tips for road sense and traveling.

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