8 essential parenting skills to develop to be a good parent

8 Essential Parenting Skills To Develop To Be A Good Parent

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Kids do not come with a user guide, so as parenting. Usually, people think parenting is only about providing food, good education, and living standard. Isn’t it? Does your responsibility end here? Fortunately or unfortunately, no! Parenting is everything about your kid. Their food, health, mood, education, friends, etc. Therefore, it is important to learn good parenting skills so that your kid stays your best friend till the end and you help him/her to become the best version of themselves.

It is not obvious that your kid will love you anyway. You really need to work hard to match their vibe, build trust and become their super mom and dad. The moment your kid will say he or she is lucky to have you, then you will realise that all the efforts you did were worthy. 

Positive Parenting Skills


To become more effective parents and build a strong bond with your kid without spoiling them is critical yet difficult. However, this bond begins from the day you hear the news of becoming parents. You start manifesting your kid’s life, education, friends, career. Moreover, your parenting phase and the bond you will share with them.

There is a term called “Generation Gap” which usually becomes an excuse for kids and parents to not agree with each other. However, it can be bridged with these parenting skills we are going to share with you.

1) Express Your Love

Kids will be kids only! They do not understand non-verbal communication. It is out of their scope of understanding. If you love them (which you of course do) so tell them in many ways. Do not just say “I love you”, express it smartly.

  • Become a good listener
  • Try to be their problem-solver
  • Take care of their likes and dislikes
  • Spend time with them

Express Your Love

2) Make Them Feel Heard

Your kids’ confidence level depends on your consideration of their thoughts. If they are coming to you to give some suggestions, at least listen and acknowledge them. 

Firstly, kids seek support from their parents. If you neglect their ideas and suggestions, they will be unable to express themselves in front of the public.

3) Become Their Stress Manager

Kids are innocent human creatures. Although everyone says being a kid is a blessing as they do not have any stress, responsibilities and nothing much is expected from them. Unfortunately in today’s time, kids stay stressed. Even though younger than middle school-age kids face anxiety and depression disorders, 

To evade this situation, parents need to bridge the gap, communicate with their kids and make them feel comfortable sharing everything with you. Win their trust that they feel safe telling you their problems. It brings a sense of positivity to kids and keeps them away from the darker side of the mind. You can also try giving daily affirmations to them.

Become Their Stress Manager

4) Maintain Healthy Relationship With The Others

As we say all the time, kids look after their parents and do the same. If you are respecting others and maintaining healthy relationships with family members and society. Your kids will try to do the same.

Therefore, if you want your kid to respect others and learn the art of modelling and maintaining healthy relationships, you must do it first. 

5) Allow Them To Make Mistakes

Do not try to rule your kids’ life. Everyone learns from their own mistakes, so as you. Let them decide their own pace to be mature. Give suggestions, try to convince them in all possible ways. Still, if they feel they are correct, be their support and make a backup plan to console them when they realise their mistake.

Few things can not be taught, only the experience can be the teacher in such cases.

Allow Them To Make Mistakes

6) Take Interest In Your Kid’s Education

Your kids always seek your attention. They love to have you besides. No matter how busy you are, make sure you give ample time to your kid’s education. Remember, you have no right to scold them for bad performance if you could not help them in studying. Especially if he or she is in elementary school.

In the initial years of school education, a kid needs personal attention that no one can give other than parents as they know their child more than anyone else.

7) Watch Out On Food Preferences

It is easy to shape your kid’s preferences at an early age. Do not stuff your home with lots of junk and unhealthy snacks. Rather look for filling snacks that give proper nutrition and taste good. 

Excess junk and unhealthy snacks could be harmful to kids and reduce their immune systems. If you want a kid to be healthy. Avoid giving them such food. However, do not over force as it is fine to let them eat such food sometimes. Otherwise, they will crave more of it and try to eat without telling you.

Watch Out On Food Preferences

8) Put Mutual Efforts

Parenting is not only about motherhood or fatherhood. It is a combined term for both of them so the efforts should be united too. It is important to understand the parenthood responsibilities and divide them wisely and equally. Do not overburden any one person, it may create frustration and a negative environment in front of your kid.

In such cases, most of the kids feel like they are a burden for their parents. We know you won’t like your kid thinking this way.



Good parenting skills may vary for everyone. But certain skills are standardised for being good parents. Such as, you must understand your kids, build trust and make them comfortable sharing their problems. Make a healthy relationship, not only with your kids but with others to teach them the importance of respecting others. Help them in their studies and be their problem solvers. Most importantly, do not forget to do all this together as we are talking about good parenting skills. For more tips on parenting and kids, keep following our website. 


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