7 simple & effective ways to secure your new home

7 Simple & Effective Ways To Secure Your New Home

We all put immense effort into decorating our homes. However, we all know the robbery cases are on the rising side, and the robbers these days have become more sophisticated. So, the most important thing is to make security arrangements for it. If you plan to invest in securing your house, we are here with some security ideas for your home. Most of these ideas are one-time investments to avoid burglaries at home.

Effective Ways To Secure Your New Home 


1. Install CCTV Cameras

CCTV Cameras provides 24*7 eyes for burglars or robbers. With the installation of CCTV Cameras, one can expect to get clues that may help identify the burglar or track his location to catch the burglar after the incident. 

Install CCTV Cameras

2. Set-Up Alarm Systems

The name is self-explanatory. Alarms will start ringing on the events of unauthorized entry, even if you are sleeping, you have some mechanism installed to wake you up in case of the entry of any burglar. 

Make sure to choose systems that notify even after being disabled, as some of the expert burglars may disable your alarm system. 

3. Invest In Window Sensors

Like alarm systems, window sensors do perform the same role. If someone tries to get into your home through windows and the magnets get pulled off, the window sensors will notify the alarm system, and the alarm will start ringing. 

4. CCTV Surveillance Stickers

As we have heard many times, “prevention is better than cure,” putting a CCTV surveillance sticker on the main gate deter the burglars to get inside the home as they will think twice to get into a place where there are more chances to get captured.

CCTV Surveillance Stickers

5. Install Glass Break Sensors

Most of the robbery or thief attacks take place at night. So if you have a big home and someone tries to break your glass window or door, you may not get to know about it. Therefore, you must install glass break sensors to get notified of unwanted entry of burglars.

6. Turn Your Phones Into Security Cameras

Multiple brands give features to connect home security cameras to your cell phones that enable you to put an eye on, even when you are at a distance from the home. It helps to take prompt action at the time of the unwanted robbery act.

7. Change The Way You Answer The Door

Do not open the door without asking who’s on the other side. Moreover, instruct kids to not open the door to anyone without your permission. Even if you are not at home, ask the kids to call you first to seek your permission.

Change The Way You Answer The Door

8. Avoid Home Deliveries When Not At Home

If you are not at home with the kids and there is a delivery scheduled, talk to the delivery person and get it rescheduled to avoid the advent of a stranger in your absence.

9. Add Door Brace To The Main Door

Adding a door brace to the main door gives you another layer of security in case someone tries to have a forceful entry to your house. Door braces can resist some pounds of force in case of unwanted entry.

10. Do Not Put Your Home Keys On Social Media

Nowadays, it is really easy to make duplicate keys through images. Many burglars are sitting online who are seeking such opportunities. Even if you have a private account, avoid posting such images as you do not know who may try to harm you. 

Do Not Put Your Home Keys On Social Media

11. Secure Sliding/Glass Doors

Sliding doors are usually made of glass. If you have a glass door, it is crucial to think of its security as they are easily breakable. You can install blocking bars or shatterproof films to resist the entrance through sliding or glass doors.

If you are planning to have a glass/sliding door as the main entrance. You must give it a second thought because they are not as safe as iron or metal doors.

12. Get Your Doors Repaired Regularly

Like other things, your doors need maintenance too. They often get weak due to weather change side effects, rust, excessive use, etc. So it is better to get their maintenance done at least once in 2 years.

13. For Renters: Change Your Lock

This one is specifically for renters. When you take keys from the landlord, change the lock right away. As you may not know how much you can trust your landlords. Also, they may misplace the keys somewhere, and someone gets it to have an entry into your house. To have a secured home, you should change your locks.

For Renters: Change Your Lock

14. Install Smart Bell

The smart bells have a two-way communication feature that enables you to talk to the person at your door. Confirm their identity and purpose of arrival, then open the door.

15. Do Not Put Your Keys In The Car

When you are out in your car, do not keep your home keys or garage keys in the car. If someone tries to break the car glass, the person will get your home keys, and then you will be in big trouble. 

In case of car robbery, change your home locks immediately to avoid robberies.

16. Lock Your Garage Door

Often we forget to lock the garage door and invite burglaries at home. Do not make such mistakes. It may cost you a lot, as the burglary can get direct entry to your home.

Lock Your Garage Door

Pro Tip:

Make sure if you stay with kids or senior citizens, do not encourage stranger arrivals. Put your work address as they must be having more security layers than your home. 

Now that you know how to keep your home secured from the robbers and how easy it is to execute these simple home security ideas. You must implement them to avoid unwanted criminal acts or prevent robberies. Let us know in the comment what else you do to keep your home secure. Your unique idea may help other readers to add another layer of security at home.

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