6 new year cocktail recipes that you can master at home

6 New Year Cocktail Recipes That You Can Master At Home

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New Year means celebration; celebration means drinks, and drinks mean Cocktails. Why order cocktails from the bar when you have a bartender at home? With our easy cocktail recipes, you can be the best bartender for the eve. So are you ready to master easy Cocktail recipes for New Year? 

Essential Cocktail Preparation Tools


First thing first, you may need to shop for some vital tools for cocktail preparation…

  • Shaker
  • Strainer
  • Muddler
  • Citrus Juicer
  • Channel Knife, and
  • Cocktail glasses

Cocktail Preparation Tools

Do not get disheartened if it’s your first attempt. These recipes are for both beginners and perfectionists.

Top 6 Cocktail Recipes For New Year


This New Year, steal all the compliments and put them on your plate because these cocktail recipes are quite easy to master and taste amazing. 

(1) Margarita

This refreshing drink is appropriate for you as a beginner. Its flavour comes out of its simplicity itself. All you need is to know the balance between the classy tequila and the lemons. Once you make it, you’ll realise how fresh it seems compared to a bottled margarita.  



  • Lime wedge
  • Coarse salt or granulated sugar
  • 1 ½ ounce tequila
  • Premium Triple Sec (Orange flavoured liqueur)
  • ¾ ounce freshly squeezed lime juice


  • Take a cocktail glass, wet a rim with a lime wedge, put it into the salt bowl, and you’ll get the desired salty rim
  • Mix the tequila, triple sec, and lime juice in a cocktail shaker with ice cubes. Shake well.
  • Serve it in a cocktail glass with lime wedge garnishing (add ice cubes, if required)

(2) Amaretto Sour

An Italian liquor flavoured with almonds or apricot stones does wonders at the party. Its sweet and sour taste is best to get a bad rap. Jeffrey Morgenthaler’s take has given it a different look altogether. Adding the egg white at the top makes it stronger. Your Amaretto Sour should taste frosty, sweet yet sour, nutty and of course, strong.


  • 1 1/2 ounces amaretto liquor 
  • 3/4 ounce cask-proof bourbon
  • 1-ounce lemon juice
  • 1-teaspoon simple syrup
  • 1/2 ounce egg white
  • Garnished lemon twist
  • Garnished 2 Brandied cherries


  • Mix amaretto, bourbon, lemon juice, simple syrup & egg white to a shaker for 15-20 seconds
  • Shake again with ice, now
  • Serve in a rock glass with ice 
  • Garnish with a lemon twist and brandied cherries

(3) Bloody Mary

Famous cocktails for popular people. This mixture of aromatic spices, vodka and tomatoes will leave you awestruck. It’s as tasty as it is healthy due to its ingredients, garlic, herbs, olives, celery, etc.

Bloody Mary


  • 4 Fluid ounces tomato juice
  • 1 ½ fluid ounces vodka
  • ¼ fluid ounce lime juice
  • 4 Dashes of hot pepper sauce
  • 2 Dashes Worcestershire sauce
  • 1 Pinch salt and ground black pepper
  • 1 Stalk celery


  • Fill a pint glass with ice and keep it aside.
  • Add tomato juice, lime juice, vodka, hot pepper sauce, Worcestershire sauce, salt, black pepper, and 1 cup ice in a glass. Mix them well.
  • Add in a pint glass left aside and garnish it with stalk celery.

(4) Moscow Mule

It’s easy to make and feels like a traditional cocktail as it’s made with ginger beer, vodka and lime juice. You may hear people calling it ‘Vodka Buck’ too. It’s a little difficult to have bottoms up with it as the spicy ginger aroma will hit your mind and leave your mind roaming in different places.

It will be more attractive if served in a copper glass. 


  • 2 oz. Vodka
  • ½ oz. Lime juice
  • 6 oz. Ginger beer


  • Squeeze a lime juice in a spent shell
  • Pour vodka and chilled ginger beer, add ice cubes
  • Do not mix it. Just serve with a stirring rod.

(5) Mojito

You must have tried this earlier! It is one of the most common cocktails for New Year and any other occasion. So Listo para beber mojito (are you ready to drink Mojito). Sorry, could not resist talking Spanish because it’s everyone’s favourite, Mojito!

Try this easy recipe to make Mojito.



  • 10 Mint leaves
  • ½ lime, equally cut 4 Wedges
  • 2 tsp white sugar
  • 1 ½ fluid ounces white rum
  • ½ cup club soda


  • Crush mint leaves and a lemon wedge with a muddler
  • Add sugar and two more lemon wedges
  • Fill the glass with ice till the top
  • Pour rum over it and add carbonated water
  • Stir and taste. Add sugar if required
  • Garnish with a lemon wedge

(6) Whiskey Sour Punch

The life of the party is here, where are you finding? This sour punch will make you all high and the party hot. This one is the mandatory Cocktail for New Year.


  • ⅓ cup sugar
  • ⅓ cup water
  • 2 ½ cups orange juice
  • 2 cups bourbon
  • 3 large lemons
  • 3 cups chilled club soda
  • Orange slices


  • Mix sugar and ⅓ cup of water in a glass. Keep it in the microwave for 2 Minutes.
  • Add sugar mix in the orange juice, bourbon, and lemon juice.
  • Mix with club soda right before serving. Garnish with orange slices (if desired)

Congratulations, you learnt something new even before the New Year. You are all prepared for the New year with easy cocktails to make at home. Now you can showcase your bartending skills to your friends and family.

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