5 reasons promotional items are integral part of marketing strategy

5 Reasons Promotional Items are Integral Part of Marketing Strategy

Promotional items has become a very popular and cost-effective marketing and promotional tool for businesses of every size and scale in recent years and it’s not due to their affordable price only. Whether it’s a small, medium or large-scale business, every business wants to build on its market image and position that it currently enjoys in the market. For this, they rely on using marketing and promotional strategies to attract new customers to their business as well as maintain their loyal base of customers. New businesses face a great challenge as they are new in the business and it’s crucial for them to build a positive business image to attract customers.

As long as you have a brand name and a logo, you can order custom promotional products right away and make them work to build business for you. You can still manage to create a positive brand image without resorting to expensive print and electronic marketing and promotional campaigns. Here are the reasons why promotional products go a long way in helping you boost your brand image.

1. Create lasting awareness

Research carried out by Promotional Products Association International in the United States has shown that more than 60% of people remember the brand name and details of a company that gave them a promotional item. An effective promotional item should serve as an ongoing reminder of your brand each and everytime it is used by them. Clever use of a promotional gift can result in customer loyalty and even improved customer relations. A thoughtful promotional product can receive immediate appreciation and gratitude that builds a positive link between the brand and potential customers.

2. Access to significant advertising space

The majority of the population is working for 8-10 hours in a day in their office space at their desk. If your chosen promotional product is used by them in the office, your brand has access to the most valuable advertising space in the world- a place on the office desk! This means that it will catch the attention of other people at work too, and this will help to provide more exposure to your brand.

3. Add personal value to your marketing message

If you know and understand your customer base, you are likely to know what makes them happy. You can personalize your promotional product to make it more interactive and appealing to customers. You can always add your brand’s message and logo design on it to make it more communicative and attractive to customers. If they perceive your promotional product as ”cool”, they are likely to keep it and use it for a long period of time. It can be a great way to create brand awareness.

4. Employee Incentive

Employees are the core of any business. They work hard together to help business owners achieve their business goal. It is important that they feel motivated and valued in the organization they work for. Choosing to give them Wholesale promotional products shows that you are thankful to them for their services and valuable contribution to company’s goal. Giving a thoughtful promotional item to your employees that’s of great use to them is likely to keep them happy and satisfied.

5. Customers are Ambassadors

Your customers are your brand ambassadors and recommend your business to others if they are happy with your products and services. By handing out free t-shirts, backpacks, caps, that feature your brand name and logo design, your customers become walking advertising tool for your business. Apparels and accessories that are attractively designed are used by customers because they like it. As they flaunt it, others will notice your brand.

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