5 life lessons bubble soccer teaches you

5 Life Lessons Bubble Soccer Teaches You

Bubble soccer is watched with great fun and enthusiasm as much it is played with. Watching players wrapped in huge cushion-like balls moving in all directions on the field and falling helplessly while getting a bump from another player is a hillarious sight actually. This unique sport may appear to be funny and casual but the fact is that there’s more to it. This sport teaches you certain lessons and values that you can incorporate into your personal as well as professional lives. Fun and interactive games can be a great way to teach you these lessons in a more easy, relaxed manner.

Given below are valuable life-lessons that you will learn from playing soccer.

1. Win together, lose together. In any game, there’s a winner and loser. Sport is meant to be played in the right spirit. Team sport like bubble soccer infuses a sense of togetherness within the team. As a player, you work together with your team-mates to score a goal, bump another player down, and prevent them from scoring. You win together and celebrate, you lose together and accept and move on to another game. This sport teaches you that life is a great leveller.

2. Learn how to take risks. Life is about taking calculated risks and challenging yourself. Most of us are afraid of taking risks because deep down in our hearts we fear that taking risks might not work. The fear of failure is the biggest barrier in our way to achieve success. Bubble soccer teaches us to take risks in a sense that we play soccer that is not exactly a traditional soccer. We have to move swiftly wearing a giant bubble ball and we have to get back off the ground as soon as possible. You could take a shot from the center of the field; you can either score or miss it completely. Eventually, you are the winner in any situation. If you score, you gain confidence and earn applause; if you miss you learn from your mistake and try to correct it.

3. Losing is OK. Bubble soccer teaches you to accept losing with humility. You cannot win all the time and you should not take defeat personally; it will only hurt you and make you feel bad. In the end, you should take it as a game. Even the best people face rejection and losses sometimes. You may have played the best you could and still end up on losing side. This is the reality of life. Never lose hope because most of us are living in a hope of better tomorrow. There’s always a next time, there’s always another day.

4. Pick up valuable skills. Bubble soccer helps you in developing a positive attitude towards life in general. This positive attitude will enable you to help others also. ”Never give up” should be the way you play this game and game of life. You may be knocked off your feet but still you get up again back on your feet. You may be losing by the half time but you still give it all to pull it back from nowhere.

5. Be a player in life. Winning is an achievement and losing is a lesson, but the most important thing is to compete. God loves both winner and losers, so this sport motivates you to get up and compete with others without concentrating on a possible result. Glory comes to those who play; not those who just watched the game from sidelines and did nothing to get on the ground.

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