5 indicators you need a possible drain cleaning

5 Indicators You Need a Possible Drain Cleaning

Clogged drains are probably the most common plumbing problem faced by commercial and residential property owners across the world. In the US alone, 2 out of every 5 calls received by plumbing contractors pertain to clogged, slow-running drains. Initially, most people try their hands at drain cleaning assuming it to be a small problem that can be resolved using certain chemicals and DIY methods. This might work in some blockages but not for all. The fact is you need to hire the services of an experienced and licensed plumber for thorough drain cleaning..

Drain clogs can be caused by the number of factors, but a most common cause is the accumulation of fats and grease and build-up of waste products that do not dissolve in water and are too large to pass through drains easily. Tree roots and leaves inside drainage pipes are also one of the main reasons for drain blockage. Luckily, a professional drain cleaning services can resolve drain blockage of any type. How do you get to know that it’s time to schedule a cleaning unless your drains have blocked to an extent that wastewater is overflowing into your sinks? Read on to know more about it.

1. Backflow: When water is flowing back into your sink, tub, or shower, it is an indication that it is not draining properly due to possible disruption. You may notice backflow in appliance while using it. For example, while washing utensils on the side in the kitchen, you may notice water back up on the other side. However, backflow may also take place in an unconnected drain. You may see water flowing up in your shower when you flush the toilet.

2. Blocked Drains: When and if you notice standing water in an appliance, it is quite likely that a clog has developed near the entrance of that particular drain. When a pipe is completely blocked, you’ll not be able to completely drain any amount of water from that access point. You can try to remove the accessible portion of a clog, If you see fallen hair accumulated near access hole, you can easily remove it with your hands and restore the flow of water. However, if you notice a complete blockage, you should not try to sort it out yourself and schedule drain cleaning with a licensed plumbing contractor. There’s always a possibility that more build-up can also be spotted by your plumber when he performs drain cleaning woodland hills.

3. Empty or Overflowing Toilet Bowl: Your toilet tank and bowl are filled from the same source. If there’s a potential blockage, you may not have enough water to supply to all your appliances. This shortage can result in a partially empty or completely empty toilet bowl and tank.

4. Localized Drain Odor: While small drain buildup causes no odor, a distinct localized stench can be caused by common clogs. This odor can come up through your drains. When and if you notice an unpleasant smell around any drain hole or appliance, it’s likely to be caused by a possible drain buildup that’s caused by food, organic waste, and other smelly materials.

5. Slow Draining: Slow draining is the most obvious indication of possible buildup inside the drain pipe. You can also see it as an advance warning which can get worse in the coming days. You may be lucky to see some visible clogs and remove them to restore normally to your drainage system, but more severe clogs will need to be sorted by none other than an experienced and licensed plumber.

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