4 most stressful jobs

4 Most Stressful Jobs

It’s natural for people to think they have the most stressful job in the whole planet. Truth be told, every job has its own stress package. Manpower agency jobs in the Philippines may be among them but, we have to admit, there are simply some jobs that are more stressful than the rest. The most stressful jobs are actually the ones that require the worker’s life to be put on the line like the pilot and the firefighter. Take a look at this list and find out some of the most stressful jobs:


1. Teacher

No, there is no need to roll your eyes. A teacher may get some time off because of summer vacation but think again. It is a teacher’s responsibility to ensure that his or her students are learning and understanding the lesson for their future’s sake. In addition to that, the teacher must prepare the students for their lives once they advance to the next level or finally graduate and get out of the four walls of the classroom. If the teacher fails to do that, it endangers the student’s future and the society as well. Let us also not forget that every teacher has to deal with different types of students every day, every year. Now that is stressful.


2. Newspaper Reporter
Life as a media practitioner is not easy, especially if you are a print journalism. The salary is low and the job demands so much, hence the high stress levels. This job includes long meetings, breaking news and it is not surprising if a newspaper reporter works all day and all night over a story. There are also follow-up calls from an editor regarding a story and there are also calls in the wee hours of the morning just to cover an accident or a sighting of a controversial person. For every newspaper reporter, every minute counts and every story is precious.


3. Emergency Room Nurse
The emergency room is the busiest and most chaotic place in the hospital. Medical professionals run around the room, checking every patient and making sure everyone is properly tended to. There are also the nurses and doctors who check which patient must be of the highest priority and which needs immediate treatment or operation. Every bed you look, you can see trauma, blood, and fluids. Nurses are considered as the patient’s link to the doctor and they are the ones the patient relies on for most of the things. They handle majority of the routine before and during treatment, starting from inserting the IV to administering medicine. That is already a huge bundle of stress—what more if a mistake during the treatment was made.


4. Enlisted military personnel
This job consists of basic and hardcore training to learn the necessary skills for combat. There is also the stress of going over a foreign country to go against enemy forces. It basically involves killing or being killed, watching out for your comrade, and seeing acts of horror and violence that is beyond the norm. Even when a soldier survives, he or she must battle through PTSD and other things. Battling for peace and freedom is indeed very, very stressful yet earns the respect of the people.

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