3 health & fitness apps for a better you

3 Health & Fitness Apps for a Better You

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Some people rely on their phones to keep track of their fitness routines, jogging in the sweltering heat of Los Angeles. iPhone repair centers might have a lot of phones being repaired because of the sweat, but that’s fine, because hey, at least people are making efforts to be healthier.

If you want to lose weight, there are many things you can go about doing that. You can walk more, such as parking at the farthest corner of the parking lot at the office, or using the stairs to your floor instead of the elevator. You can also force yourself through a workout in the morning before work or after work, or you can do a four or seven-minute workout in the living room. However, to keep that weight off, you need to do these things consistently. Fitness isn’t something you think of, start, do a few weeks, and then forget all over again.


Here are some fitness apps you might find helpful if you need a nudge or a little help into living a healthier life. They also feature gamification, which means that you’ll be competing with others on whatever activity you’re doing. Other than actually being able to achieve something, you’ll also get bragging rights. This is what can help you keep your will to keep on doing your exercise routine. These apps are also tracking apps, which help you keep an eye on your workouts, your calorie intake, and maybe the runs and walks you’ve gone on. This can show you how much you’ve improved over time how much longer you can go without feeling like passing out.

Fitness and Workout Apps to Track your Fitness

But what’s important about these fitness apps is that they can get you started on that workout you’ve been thinking of and you can set the pace that’s perfect for you without pushing yourself too much.


Image Source : Spotify

Spotify Running

Didn’t expect this one to show up, did you? Spotify now features playlists that you can listen to while running. The phone detects your tempo and suggests music with the same temp you can listen to while running. You can choose from epic movie scores, electronic dance music, or DJ-mixed playlists. This is available only to premium users.


Image Source : Zombies, Run!

Zombies, Run!

This one lets you listen to a story while you run, and the more you run, the more you’ll complete missions and the further you get in the story. You’ll have to gather supplies and keep other humans safe as you try to survive through a zombie apocalypse.


Image Source : Noom Coach

Noom Coach

It’s difficult to stay on a diet. There are so many things you can’t eat and most of the food you can eat isn’t exactly what you want in your mouth, but if you want to lose weight, you’ll have to. Other calorie counting apps show you just how much you’re eating, but this one makes you look at what you’re about to eat and stop, as it color codes food you can and can’t eat. Red for bad, and green for healthy food. You also can see how other users are doing which can motivate you into meeting your goals.

Which health apps are you using and have they helped you lose weight?

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