11 habits to adopt to strengthen your weak nails naturally

11 Habits To Adopt To Strengthen Your Weak Nails Naturally

Girls always desire to have strong, shiny, and long nails. They strive A LOT to get that perfect nails but miss the minute things. It’s not always about applying daily care products. One must know, what is the root cause that is hindering their healing process? Of course, we know no one purposely weakens their nails but, it happens right? So could you find any solution to strengthen your weak nails? Probably not! That’s why you are here reading our blog. Do not worry, we will tell you some adaptable habits that help A LOT! 

Tips To Strengthen Weak Nails Naturally

Do you know there are so many daily activities that we perform wrongfully and end up damaging our nails? These tips will help you avoid nail damage and strengthen your nails naturally without any chemical intervention. 

1) Have A Week Nail Paint Off 

Although nail paints look classy, they do impact your nail badly. No matter if you use chemical-free nail polishes, they will still harm your nails, maybe a little less but certainly they will. Therefore, we recommend applying nail paints in weekly alternatives, i.e. one week without nail polish after a colourful nail polish week.

Have A Week Nail Paint Off 

2) Lessen The Direct Water Contact

If you expose your nails to water for the maximum time it will weaken them, and the breakage rate will increase. Instead, use gloves while washing clothes or utensils and reduce direct water contact. However, drinking water is essential. Please don’t distance yourself from drinking water. Being hydrated helps your body to function properly, so do nails. To keep them naturally moisturised and hydrated drinking enough water is mandatory.

3) Your Shampoo Could Be Playing The Villain’s Role

So as with other chemicals that touch your hands and nails and make them dry. Your shampoo could be the hidden enemy too, which is fetching out the moisture of your nails secretly. If you have not got the cause of dried nails yet, you must check your shampoo and change it if required. This time, buy the one that doesn’t have hand drying chemicals. Additionally, you can opt for natural shampoos too.

Less use of Shampoo

4) Cuticle Oil Thrice A Day Keeps The Dry Cuticles Away

Dried cuticles are the biggest problems we face with our nails. You may even damage your nail beds and have skin infections due to them. To rehydrate and moisturise your nails it is suggested to apply cuticle oil every day at least once. However, if you wish or have the worst cuticle conditions, you are free to apply them thrice a day. 

5) Must-Haves Supplements For Nail Care

Your diet plays a vital role in your overall health so do your nails well being. Nails are made of proteins and require a lot of vitamins to stay healthy, especially keratin; A kind of protein that helps to make nail Therefore, you must eat food rich in keratin (eggs, sweet potatoes, salmon, etc.) For quick results, take supplements that build amino acids such as biotin, and collagen as they are the most effective supplements for nail care.

Supplements For Nail Care

Study shows, biotin promotes thickness and firmness of nails. Another study states, people who consumed biotin supplements had 25% thicker nail beds than the placebo group. On the other hand, those who took collagen supplements for 24 weeks could have better nail maintenance with faster growth, improved appearance, and strengthen weak nails resulting in less breakage.

6) Keep Removing Your Nail Cuticles

Cuticles are the dead skin around the hand nails and toenails. It is important to keep removing it on time as in the worst-case scenarios, cuticles can lead to skin infections. You can easily pull them back at home. It will be better if you do after taking a shower as the skin stays soggy so it will not hurt you much. After removing cuticles, you will realise your nail paint lasts for long too.

7) Check The Ingredients Of Your Nail Polish

Often nail paints come with chemicals such as formaldehyde, camphor, and toluene that are bad for your nail health. You must check what materials have been used in the nail paint you are buying. If they have any of these chemicals, avoid buying such nail paints. Similarly, do not use 100% acetone removers. Rather look for soy-based removers to leave your nail conditioning and moisturising.

Check Ingredients Of Nail Polish

8) Higher The Grit Number, The Softer The Filing Experience

A lot of you may not even know that files have the grit number that you can find on the packaging or on the file itself. You should have the higher grit number file for a smoother file experience. For natural nails, 180 grit will work well.

9) Fancy Nails Are The Enemies

Acrylic nails, gels, dips may look adoring but they damage your nails. Their coating can do severe damage to your nail plates. Also, their process of application and removal can harm your nail beds too. It can damage your nails if not done properly. If you are planning to get faux nails, better to drop the plan right away even if it is for the first time. 

Fancy Nails Are The Enemies

In The End……

With these easy nail care tips, you can strengthen weak nails, and get their natural shine back. Make sure to check the ingredients of the products before buying, because your nails will be exposed to almost everything so the products should not have any chemicals that’ll harm your nails health. Alternatively, use gloves if you have no other choice.

Remember, nothing shows effects in a day. You must use these tips every day to have good results.

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