10 things to carry while travelling with a kid

10 Things To Carry While Travelling With A Kid

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Does it seem difficult to travel with your kid? We can understand, it becomes a huge responsibility, especially when you are traveling with an infant or toddler. After all, it is hard to deal with them at home so it becomes harder to handle them in public places. However, we know you will make it with them. Moreover, we are here to help you with the tips for traveling with kids. 

It takes both courage and patience to deal with kids on a vacation but equally joyous to have them on board and create memories together. So let us prepare you for the wonderful trip you are going to have with your kid.

Checklist For Travelling With Kids


  • Diapers

Travelling could be really unpredictable. No matter if you travel by air, road or train. Diapers are the most important thing to carry. Especially, if your kid has sensitive skin because you may not get the same brand’s diaper out while commuting.


  • Anti-Rash cream

Diapers make us remember that if any chance your kid gets skin dryness or skin rashes due to another brand’s diaper, you should not be rushing for an anti-rash cream. It should be handy in your baby bag.

  • Changing Station

While travelling, you may not get an appropriate and hygienic place to change your kid’s nappy. You should have a portable changing station with you which you fold easily and carry in your bag wherever you go.

You can also use this while going out with your kid for a few hours.

  • Disposable Bags

Of course, you can not litter the roads with used nappies nor keep them in the car. You should have disposable bags to dump properly. And, you can use these disposable bags for keeping dirty clothes and burped hankies separate from clean clothes.

Disposable Bags

  • First Aid Kit

A travel first aid kit is a must whether you are travelling with a kid or not. Make sure you are carrying essential medicines for all the travelling family members as everyone’s health is equally important.

But yes, consult your gynaecologist or paediatrician before leaving the town and pack all the recommended medicines for your kid in case of emergencies.

  • Stroller & Front Sling

Carrying a baby in your arms for hours is too tiring. You must carry a front sling so even on odd roads, you will not need to take an unnecessary load.  Also, take your baby’s stroller along. It is way more convenient for afternoon naps and protects from heat, sunlight and dust exposure.

  • Baby Foods

Sometimes you may not get your preferred brand’s milk powder or other baby food. It is better if you carry your baby food along in your bag.

If you are travelling by air, check with the airlines and get a confirmation for baby food. Perhaps the airport security will check the food and then they will allow you to carry it along.

Baby Foods

  • Baby Wipes

Cleaning clothes could be harsh on your baby’s skin. You should carry wet wipes for wiping and sponging whenever required.

With baby wipes, you will not have to worry about skin rashes or other infections as their formulas keep baby’s skin hydrated and germs-free.

  • Toys

Never, we repeat! Never go out without your kid’s toys. Being kids, they are known to their toys only, so whenever they feel like playing they look for their toys. If they do not get it, this may create discomfort for them.If you genuinely want to have some quality time for yourself, do not forget your kid’s toys at home.

Moreover, some kids do not sleep without their favourite toy. It will just take a while to turn your soothing night into a nightmare if you forget that toy at home.

  • Disinfecting Gel Or Sanitiser

Although hygiene is important for everyone. However, it becomes more than necessary to keep the surroundings clean and sanitised so your kid does not get infected somehow. You could have so much to do such as feeding milk, making baby food, washing your face, etc. You can not compromise with the cleanliness at any cost.

Also, it is uncertain that you get a hygienic space to stop every time. You should have a sanitiser with yourself to stay hygienic and maintain hygiene for your kid.

Disinfecting Gel Or Sanitiser

  • Portable Mosquito Net

Mosquitoes do not come with an invitation. They are allowed nowhere but unfortunately, they are everywhere. A mosquito can bring many illnesses along such as malaria, dengue, etc. that your toddler’s immune system may not be able to handle.

Carry a foldable mosquito net for your little heart to not disturb his/her sleep and keep them away from illness.

  • Teething Rings

You can not be sure when your baby starts teething. It is one of the most difficult days for both kids and parents. To make sure that it won’t or less affect your happy time on the trip. Carry a teething ring for your baby and stay in touch with the doctor in case of illness.

  • Extra Feeding Bottle And Nipples

Feeding bottles are not too durable and should not be used for a long time too. Carry another bottle and 2-3 nipples so you do not have to rush for such small yet extremely important things.

Extra Feeding Bottle And Nipples


Everyone loves to travel with kids but in reality, it becomes more a responsibility than a break or enjoyment. You will have to be very cautious. At the same time, you have to be a predictor so you stay ready for uncertainties. You should have extra diapers, baby food, medicines, and whatnot. Packing bags properly and do not hurry when you are travelling as a kid. Make sure you keep everything required for you and your kid’s well-being because nothing is important above you and the little toddler. Have a safe journey and bookmark this blog so do not forget anything from this ‘checklist for travelling with kids.’


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